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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Network coding to combat packet loss in underwater networksChitre, M. ; Soh, W.-S. 
Dec-2011On the throughput comparisons of MAC protocols in multi-hop wireless networksNg, H.-H.; Soh, W.-S. ; Motani, M. 
Dec-2008RIPT: A receiver-initiated reservation-based protocol for underwater acoustic networksChirdchoo, N. ; Soh, W.-S. ; Chua, K.C. 
2010ROPA: A MAC protocol for underwater acoustic networks with reverse opportunistic packet appendingNg, H.-H.; Soh, W.-S. ; Motani, M. 
2009Sector-based routing with destination location prediction for underwatermobile networksChirdchoo, N. ; Soh, W.-S. ; Chua, K.C. 
2010SparseTrack: Enhancing indoor pedestrian tracking with sparse infrastructure supportJin, Y.; Motani, M. ; Soh, W.-S. ; Zhang, J. 
2013SSD: A robust RF location fingerprint addressing mobile devices' heterogeneityMahtab Hossain, A.K.M.; Jin, Y.; Soh, W.-S. ; Van, H.N.
2012The usefulness of overheard information for collision avoidance in a single-hop underwater acoustic networksChirdchoo, N.; Soh, W.-S. ; Chua, K.C. ; Kovintavewat, P.; Cheunta, W.
2015UnetStack: An agent-based software stack and simulator for underwater networksChitre, M ; Bhatnagar, R ; Soh, W.S. 
Aug-2010Utilization of user feedback in indoor positioning systemMahtab Hossain, A.K.M.; Nguyen Van, H.; Soh, W.-S. 
2011Welcome message from WUnderNet 2011 workshop chairsSeah, W.K.G.; Tan, H.-P.; Hakegard, J.-E.; Soh, W.-S. ; Taniar, D.; Uehara, M.