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1996Acrylic resin labial flange for a Kennedy class I partial denture: A clinical reportKeng, S.-B. 
Oct-1991Anterior crown dimensions and relationship in an ethnic Chinese population with normal occlusions.Lew, K.K. ; Keng, S.B. 
Sep-1990Applications of computer technology in dentistry.Soh, G. ; Keng, S.B. 
Sep-1989Clinical presentation of denture hyperplasia of oral tissues.Keng, S.B. ; Loh, H.S. 
2005Dental education in Singapore - From the past to the futureTan, K.B.C. ; Keng, S.B. 
1996Denture plaque distribution and the effectiveness of a perborate-containing denture cleanserKeng, S.-B. ; Lim, M.
2003Evaluation of surgical procedures for trigeminal neuralgia.Ong, K.S. ; Keng, S.B. 
1996Maxillary arch and central incisor dimensions of an ethnic Chinese population in relation to complete denture prosthodonticsKeng, S.B. ; Foong, K.W.C.
1996Sectional impression for standing teeth in an otherwise edentulous arch.Keng, S.B. 
Nov-1992Soft-tissue cephalometric norms in Chinese adults with esthetic facial profilesLew, K.K.K. ; Ho, K.K.; Keng, S.B. ; Ho, K.H. 
2003The biological, social, and psychological relationship between depression and chronic painOng, K.S. ; Keng, S.B. 
1988The effect of food texture on the replication of jaw movements in masticationChew, C.L. ; Keng, S.B. ; Ow, R.K.K.; Lucas, P.W. ; Tay, D.K.L.
Sep-1989The effectiveness of CO2 laser in dental surgery--a local experience.Loh, H.S. ; Keng, S.B. 
1992The treatment of epulis fissuratum of the oral cavity by CO2 laser surgeryKeng, S.B. ; Loh, H.S. 
1996Treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction with a visible light-cured resin overlay denture: A case reportKeng, S.-B.