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2001Advanced lighting simulation in architectural design in the tropicsNg, E.Y.-Y.; Poh, L.K. ; Wei, W.; Nagakura, T.
2003Attenuation of diffuse daylight due to dust deposition on glazing in a tropical urban environmentUllah, M.B. ; Kurniawan, J.T.; Poh, L.K. ; Wai, T.K. ; Tregenza, P.R.
2004Building performance simulation in the Singapore construction industry IT networkLam, K.P. 
2003Computer-based performance simulation for building design and evaluation: The Singapore perspectiveHien, W.N. ; Poh, L.K. ; Feriadi, H.
2003Detailed multi-zone air flow analysis in the early building design phaseWong, N.H. ; Mahdavi, A.; Boonyakiat, J.; Lam, K.P. 
1999Empirical evaluation of solar radiation, sky luminance, and daylight prediction modelsMahdavi, A.; Pal, V.; Lam, K.P. 
1999Evaluation of six sky luminance prediction models using measured data from SingaporeLam, K.P. ; Mahdavi, A.; Ullah, M.B. ; Ng, E. ; Pal, V. 
2002Integrated and distributed computational support for building performance evaluationLam, K.P. ; Mahdavi, A.; Gupta, S.; Wong, N.H. ; Brahme, R.; Kang, Z.
2006Mapping of industry building product model for detailed thermal simulation and analysisLam, K.P. ; Wong, N.H. ; Shen, L.J. ; Mahdavi, A.; Leong, E.; Solihin, W.; Au, K.S.; Kang, Z.
2004SEMPER-II: An internet-based multi-domain building performance simulation environment for early design supportLam, K.P. ; Wong, N.H. ; Mahdavi, A.; Chan, K.K.; Kang, Z.; Gupta, S.
2000The use of performance-based simulation tools for building design and evaluation - A Singapore perspectiveHien, W.N. ; Poh, L.K. ; Feriadi, H