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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010From CVaR to uncertainty set: Implications in joint chance-constrained optimizationChen, W.; Sim, M. ; Sun, J. ; Teo, C.-P. 
Dec-1998Gale-Shapley stable marriage problem revisited : strategic issues and applicationsTeo, Chung-Piaw ; Sethuraman, Jay; Tan, Wee-Peng
2001Gale-Shapley stable marriage problem revisited: Strategic issues and applicationsTeo, C.-P. ; Sethuraman, J.; Tan, W.-P.
2010Geometric approach for logistics outsoursing contractingMai, Y.-H.; Teo, C.-P. ; Miao, L.-X.; Xu, Q.
Dec-1998Greedy, randomized and approximate dynamic programming algorithms for facility location problemsBertsimas, Dimitris; Teo, Chung-Piaw ; Vohra, Rakesh
1999Impact on inventory costs with consolidation of distribution centersTeo, Chung Piaw ; Ou, Jihong ; Goh, Mark 
2001Impact on inventory costs with consolidation of distribution centersTeo, C.P. ; Ou, J. ; Goh, M. 
2003Integer programming and arrovian social welfare functionsSethuraman, J.; Piaw, T.C. ; Vohra, R.V.
2002Integer programming and Arrovian Social Welfare FunctionsSethuraman, J.; Teo, C.-P. ; Vohra, R.V.
2003Inventory cost effect of consolidating several one-warehouse multiretailer systemsLim, W.-S. ; Ou, J. ; Teo, C.-P. 
1997LP based approach to optimal stable matchingsTeo, Chung-Piaw ; Sethuraman, Jay
2002Managing risk in a four-digit number gameTeo, C.-P. ; Leong, S.M. 
2006Many-to-one stable matching: Geometry and fairnessSethuraman, J.; Teo, C.-P. ; Qian, L. 
2011Mixed 0-1 linear programs under objective uncertainty: A completely positive representationNatarajan, K.; Teo, C.P. ; Zheng, Z.
Nov-2013Models for effective deployment and redistribution of bicycles within public bicycle-sharing systemsShu, J.; Chou, M.C. ; Liu, Q. ; Teo, C.-P. ; Wang, I.-L.
2010Models for minimax stochastic linear optimization problems with risk aversionBertsimas, D.; Doan, X.V.; Natarajan, K.; Teo, C.-P. 
2012Modified critical fractile approach for a class of partial postponement problemsFu, Q.; Lee, C.-Y.; Teo, C.-P. 
1998Multi-item inventory staggering problems: Heuristics and boundsTeo, Chung-Piaw ; Ou, Jihong ; Tan, Kok-Choon 
2001Multistage lot sizing problems via randomized roundingTeo, C.-P. ; Bertsimas, D.
2012Newsvendor pricing problem in a two-sided marketChou, M.C. ; Sim, C.K.; Teo, C.-P. ; Zheng, H.