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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2000Broadband planar monopole antennaChen, Z.N. 
13-Nov-2001Broadband plate antennaCHEN, ZHI NING ; CHIA, MICHAEL YAN WAH 
2000Broadband probe-fed L-shaped plate antennaChen, Z.N. ; Chia, Y.W.M. 
30-Mar-2000Broadband probe-fed notched plate antennaChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
2000Broadband probe-fed plate antennaChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
2000Broadband rectangular slotted plate antennaChen, Zhi Ning ; Chia, Michael Y.W. 
2008Broadband single-fed single-patch circularly polarized antenna for UHF RFID applicationsKwa, H.W.; Qing, X.; Chen, Z.N. 
20-Mar-2003Broadband square annular planar monopolesChen, Z.N. ; Ammann, M.J.; Chia, M.Y.W. 
21-Sep-2004Broadband suspended plate antenna with multi-point feedCHEN, ZHI NING 
Feb-2001Broadband suspended plate antenna with probe-fed stripChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
2013Channel characterization of walking passerby's effects on 2.48-GHz wireless body area networkKim, C.W.; See, T.S.P.; Chiam, T.M.; Ge, Y.; Chen, Z.N. ; Sun, S.
Mar-2013Characterization of in- and near-body radio frequency transmission loss for biomedical implantsQing, X.; See, T.S.P.; Chen, Z.N. ; Chiam, T.M.; Nasimuddin; Goh, C.K.
2005Characterization of printed UWB antennas in proximity of human headCai, A.; Chen, Z.N. 
2013Compact substrate integrated waveguide slot antenna array with low back lobeWei, J.; Chen, Z.N. ; Qing, X.; Shi, J.; Xu, J.
2013Compact ultra-wideband microstrip-to-coplanar stripline transitionsMandal, M.K.; Chen, Z.N. 
2013Cross-Band mutual coupling of monopole antennas on a finite-sized ground planeChen, Z.N. ; See, T.S.P.; Qing, X.
2004Design and optimization of UWB antennas by a powerful CAD Tool: PULSE KITWu, X.H.; Chen, Z.N. 
20-Oct-2005Design of a human-head-equivalent phantom for ISM 2.4-QHz applicationsLooi, C.K.; Chen, Z.N. 
Aug-2001Design of broadband probe-fed plate antenna with stubChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
Jan-2014Design of millimeter-wave bandpass filter using electric coupling of Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW)Wong, S.W.; Wang, K.; Chen, Z.-N. ; Chu, Q.-X.