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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2007Improving process troubleshooting in bivariate autocorrelated processesHwarng, H. Brian ; Wang, Yu
Jul-2002Indicating when autocorrelated time series shifted using neural networksHwarng, H. Brian 
2001Insights into neural-network forecasting of time series corresponding to ARMA(p,q) structuresHwarng, H.B. 
16-Mar-2014Interpreting supply chain dynamics: A quasi-chaos perspectiveHwarng, H.B. ; Yuan, X.
2012Managing a service system with social interactions: Stability and chaosYuan, X.; Hwarng, H.B. 
2005Modelling a complex supply chain: Understanding the effect of simplified assumptionsHwarng, H.B. ; Chong, C.S.P.; Xie, N.; Burgess, T.F.
Feb-2007Neural networks in statistical process controlHwarng, H. Brian 
Jul-1999On the robustness of neural networks for time series modeling : a simulation studyHwarng, Brian H. 
2012Promoting positive health behaviours - 'Tooth worm' phenomenon and its implicationsGao, X.-L.; Hsu, C.Y.S. ; Xu, Y.C.; Loh, T.; Koh, D. ; Hwarng, H.B. 
1995Proper and effective training of a pattern recognizer for cyclic dataHwarng, H.Brian 
2001Revitalising new process development in the UK fine chemicals industryShaw, N.E.; Burgess, T.F.; Hwarng, H.B. ; De Mattos, C.
2010Shift detection and source identification in multivariate autocorrelated processesHwarng, H.B. ; Wang, Yu.
2005Signaling the shift and identifying its source in bivariate spcHwarng, H.B. 
1-May-2005Simultaneous identification of mean shift and correlation change in AR(1) processesBrian Hwarng, H. 
1993Some potential neural network applications in TQMHwarng, H.Brian 
1995Special-purpose ART-based identification system for statistical process controlHwarng, H.Brian 
2008Toward identifying the source of mean shifts in multivariate SPC: A neural network approachHwarng, H.B. 
Apr-2005Training neural networks for identifying shifts in correlated bivariate processesHwarng, H. Brian 
2001Translating customers' voices into operations requirements: A QFD application in higher educationHwarng, H.B. ; Teo, C.
2008Understanding supply chain dynamics: A chaos perspectiveHwarng, H.B. ; Xie, N.