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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2011Clickable poly(ester amine) dendrimer-grafted Fe3O4 nanoparticles prepared via successive Michael addition and alkyne-azide click chemistryLi, M.; Xu, L.Q.; Wang, L. ; Wu, Y.P.; Li, J. ; Neoh, K.-G. ; Kang, E.-T. 
Apr-2006Coaxial electrospinning of (fluorescein isothiocyanate-conjugated bovine serum albumin)-encapsulated poly(ε-caprolactone) nanofibers for sustained releaseZhang, Y.Z. ; Wang, X.; Feng, Y. ; Li, J. ; Lim, C.T. ; Ramakrishna, S. 
2009Comb-shaped copolymers composed of hydroxypropyl cellulose backbones and cationic poly((2-dimethyl amino)ethyl methacrylate) side chains for gene deliveryXu, F.J.; Ping, Y.; Ma, J.; Tang, G.P.; Yang, W.T.; Li, J. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
Mar-2007Compositional study and cytotoxicity of biodegradable poly(ester urethane)s consisting of poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate] and poly(ethylene glycol)Loh, X.J.; Wang, X.; Li, H.; Li, X.; Li, J. 
13-Sep-2010Construction of a star-shaped copolymer as a vector for FGF receptor-mediated gene delivery in vitro and in vivoLi, D.; Ping, Y.; Xu, F.; Yu, H.; Pan, H.; Huang, H.; Wang, Q.; Tang, G.; Li, J. 
27-Nov-2013Control of hyperbranched structure of polycaprolactone/ poly(ethylene glycol) polyurethane block copolymers by glycerol and their hydrogels for potential cell deliveryLi, Z.; Li, J. 
Apr-2010Controlled drug release from biodegradable thermoresponsive physical hydrogel nanofibersLoh, X.J.; Peh, P.; Liao, S. ; Sng, C.; Li, J. 
4-Feb-2008Controlled synthesis and characterizations of amphiphilic poly[(R,S)-3-hydroxybutyrate]-poly(ethylene glycol)-poly[(R,S)-3-hydroxybutyrate] triblock copolymersLiu, K.L. ; Goh, S.H. ; Li, J. 
28-May-2020Converting Okara to Superabsorbent Hydrogels as Soil Supplements for Enhancing the Growth of Choy Sum (Brassica sp.) under Water-Limited ConditionsZhu Jingling ; TAN WEE KEE ; SONG XIA ; Gao Zhengyang ; WEN YUTING ; ONG CHOON NAM ; Loh Chiang Shiong ; SWARUP, SANJAY ; Li Jun 
19-May-2005Core-corona structure of cubic silsesquioxane-poly(ethylene oxide) in aqueous solution: Fluorescence, light scattering, and TEM studiesMya, K.Y.; Li, X.; Chen, L.; Ni, X.; Li, J. ; He, C.
2009Cyclodextrin Inclusion Polymers Forming HydrogelsLi, J. 
Nov-2010Cyclodextrin-based self-assembled supramolecular hydrogels and cationic polyrotaxanes for drug and gene delivery applicationsLi, J. 
10-Jun-2008Cyclodextrin-based supramolecular architectures: Syntheses, structures, and applications for drug and gene deliveryLi, J. ; Loh, X.J.
2015Drug delivery using novel biological and synthetic materialsIto, Y; Kobatake, E; Li, J ; Lee, S.-W
30-Mar-2006Dynamic and static light scattering studies on self-aggregation behavior of biodegradable amphiphilic poly(ethylene oxide)-poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate]- poly(ethylene oxide) triblock copolymers in aqueous solutionLi, X.; Mya, K.Y.; Ni, X.; He, C. ; Leong, K.W.; Li, J. 
Apr-2008Effect of neodymium doping on the structure and optical properties of mesoporous TiO2 thin filmsZhang, Y. ; Ooi, E.; Yuwono, A.H. ; Wang, J. ; Li, J. 
Jun-2005Effect of PEG on the crystallization of PPDO/PEG blendsZheng, L.; Wang, Y.-Z.; Yang, K.-K.; Wang, X.-L.; Chen, S.-C.; Li, J. 
21-Dec-2010Efficient gene delivery with paclitaxel-loaded DNA-hybrid polyplexes based on cationic polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanesLoh, X.J.; Zhang, Z.-X.; Mya, K.Y.; Wu, Y.-L.; He, C.B.; Li, J. 
2010Elucidating rheological property enhancements in supramolecular hydrogels of short poly[(R,S)-3-hydroxybutyrate]-based amphiphilic triblock copolymer and α-cyclodextrin for injectable hydrogel applicationsLiu, K.L.; Zhu, J.-L.; Li, J. 
9-Jul-2012Encapsulation of basic fibroblast growth factor by polyelectrolyte multilayer microcapsules and its controlled release for enhancing cell proliferationShe, Z.; Wang, C.; Li, J. ; Sukhorukov, G.B.; Antipina, M.N.