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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Nondestructive testing and evaluation using phase-shifting electronic shearographyXie, L.; Chau, Fook S. ; Toh, Siew-Lok 
2006Novel silk scaffolds for ligament tissue engineering applicationsToh, S.L. ; Teh, T.K.H.; Goh, J.C.H. ; Vallaya, S.
2010Optimization of the silk scaffold sericin removal process for retention of silk fibroin protein structure and mechanical propertiesTeh, T.K.H. ; Toh, S.-L. ; Goh, J.C.H. 
1-Sep-2012Osteochondral interface generation by rabbit bone marrow stromal cells and osteoblasts cocultureChen, K.; Teh, T.K.H. ; Ravi, S.; Toh, S.L. ; Goh, J.C.H. 
Oct-2010PLGA nanofiber-coated silk microfibrous scaffold for connective tissue engineeringSahoo, S. ; Lok Toh, S. ; Hong Goh, J.C. 
1997Precision phase measurement in digital speckle shearing interferometryShu, Y.; Chau, Fook S. ; Toh, Siew-Lok 
2008Silk-based scaffold for ligament tissue engineeringLiu, H.; Fan, H.; Wong, E.J.W.; Toh, S.L. ; Goh, J.C.H. 
Sep-1991Simple technique for identifying photoelastic zero-order fringeToh, S.L. ; Tang, S.H.
Jul-2012Simulated intervertebral disc-like assembly using bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell sheets and silk scaffolds for annulus fibrosus regenerationSee, E.Y.-S. ; Toh, S.L. ; Goh, J.C.H. 
2009Soft tissue strain measurement using an optical methodLok, T.S. ; Jui, T.C. ; James, G.C.H. 
Dec-1989Some examples of nondestructive flaw detection by shearographyChau, F.S. ; Toh, S.L. ; Tay, C.J. ; Shang, H.M. 
11-May-2016Stem Cell-derived Cell-Sheets for Connective Tissue EngineeringPuay Yong Neo ; Thomas Kok Hiong The ; Alex Sheng Ru Tay ; Maria Christine Asuncion ; Si Ning Png; Siew Lok Toh ; James Cho-Hong Goh 
26-Mar-1998Surface-roughness Study Using Laser Speckle MethodToh, S.L. ; Shang, H.M. ; Tay, C.J. 
Feb-1998Surface-roughness study using laser speckle methodToh, S.L. ; Shang, H.M. ; Tay, C.J. 
2008Technique to accurately quantify collagen content in hyperconfluent cell cultureSee, E.Y.-S.; Toh, S.L. ; Goh, J.C.H. 
Sep-1996The elastic impact response of glass/epoxy laminated ogival shellsShim, V.P.W. ; Toh, S.L. ; Gong, S.W.
1994The elastic response of orthotropic laminated cylindrical shells to low-velocity impactGong, S.W.; Toh, S.L. ; Shim, V.P.W. 
2008The interaction between a combined knitted silk scaffold and microporous silk sponge with human mesenchymal stem cells for ligament tissue engineeringLiu, H. ; Fan, H. ; Wang, Y.; Goh, J.C.H. ; Toh, S.L. 
1991The measurement of slope using shearographyTay, C.J. ; Chau, F.S. ; Shang, H.M. ; Shim, V.P.W. ; Toh, S.L. 
Nov-2001The use of circular optical grating for measuring angular rotation of mirrorsShang, H.M. ; Toh, S.L. ; Fu, Y. ; Quan, C. ; Tay, C.J.