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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2000A low-voltage CMOS OTA with rail-to-rail differential input rangeLi, M.F. ; Dasgupta, U.; Zhang, X.W.; Lim, Y.C. 
29-May-1998A new approach to design sharp diamond-shaped filtersLow, S.-H.; Lim, Y.-C. 
May-2002A novel genetic algorithm for the design of a signed power-of-two coefficient quadrature mirror filter lattice filter bankYu, Y.J.; Lim, Y.C. 
1997A Novel Integrated CMOS Switch Circuit for High Precision Sample-and-Hold TechniqueLi, M.F. ; Yep, S.Y.; Lim, Y.C. 
2003A piloted adaptive notch filterLim, Y.C. ; Zou, Y.; Zheng, N.
Aug-2002A polynomial-time algorithm for designing FIR filters with power-of-two coefficientsLi, D.; Lim, Y.C. ; Lian, Y. ; Song, J.
2001A sequential reoptimization approach for the design of signed power-of-two coefficient lattice QMF bankYu, Y.J.; Lim, Y.C. 
Mar-1992A weighted least squares algorithm for quasi-equiripple FIR and IIR digital filter designLim, Yong-Ching ; Lee, Ju-Hong; Chen, C.K.; Yang, Rong-Huan 
Jun-2003A width-recursive depth-first tree search approach for the design of discrete coefficient perfect reconstruction lattice filter bankLim, Y.C. ; Yu, Y.J.
1998An efficient algorithm for the design of weighted minimax M-channel cosine-modulated filter banksGoh, C.-K.; Lim, Y.-C. 
1999An efficient algorithm to design weighted minimax perfect reconstruction quadrature mirror filter banksGoh, C.-K.; Lim, Y.C. 
Sep-1995An efficient bit-serial FIR filter architectureLim, Y.C. ; Evans, J.B.; Liu, B.
1997An efficient weighted Lp algorithm for the design of quadrature mirror filtersGoh, C.K.; Lim, Y.C. 
2003An iterative method for optimizing FIR filters synthesized using the two-stage frequency-response masking techniqueYu, Y.J.; Saramäki, T.; Lim, Y.C. 
1994Analysis and optimum design of the FFBLim, Yong Ching ; Farhang-Boroujeny, B. 
Jun-1988Approximation of a variable-length delay line by using tapped delay line processingKo, C.C. ; Lim, Y.C. 
1-Jan-1991Block implementation of forward-backward line enhancerFarhang-Boroujeny, B. ; Lim, Y.C. 
1999CMOS low noise capacitance measurement circuit for micromachined gyroscopeYu, Wen ; Lim, Yong Ching ; Tay, Francis E.H. ; Liang, Yung C. 
Dec-1992Comment on the computational complexity of sliding FFTFarhang-Boroujeny, B. ; Lim, Y.C.