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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Fast BEM solvers for 3D Poisson-type equationsHe, X.; Lim, K.-M. ; Lim, S.-P. 
Jan-2008Fast Fourier transform on multipoles (FFTM) algorithm for Laplace equation with direct and indirect boundary element methodLim, K.M. ; He, X.; Lim, S.P. 
2005Finite element analysis of a ring type ultrasonic motorDuan, W.H. ; Quek, S.T. ; Lim, S.P. 
28-Mar-2005Finite element analysis of interference for the laterally coupled quartz crystal microbalancesLu, F.; Lee, H.P. ; Lu, P.; Lim, S.P. 
2003Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Multi-Channel Quartz Crystal MicrobalanceLu, F.; Lee, H.P. ; Lim, S.P. 
Jan-2007Finite element solution for intermittent-contact problem with piezoelectric actuation in ring type USMDuan, W.H. ; Quek, S.T. ; Lim, S.P. 
1994Fractal surface and its measurement by computer simulationLim, Siak-Piang ; Shi, W.M.
1987Free vibration of composite rectangular plates with rectangular cutoutsLee, H.P. ; Lim, S.P. ; Chow, S.T. 
1992Free vibration of isotropic and orthotropic rectangular plates with partially clamped edgesLee, H.P. ; Lim, S.P. 
3-May-1992Free vibration of isotropic and orthotropic square plates with square cutouts subjected to in-plane forcesLee, H.P. ; Lim, S.P. 
19-Jun-2007Frequency response of a quartz crystal microbalance loaded by liquid dropsZhuang, H.; Lu, P.; Lim, S.P. ; Lee, H.P. 
Apr-2005Growth of Si nanowires by thermal evaporationPan, H. ; Lim, S. ; Poh, C. ; Sun, H.; Wu, X.; Feng, Y. ; Lin, J. 
1991High speed swing arm three beam optical headYak, A.S. ; Low, T.S. ; Lim, S.P. 
1991High speed swing arm three beam optical headYak, A.S. ; Low, T.S. ; Lim, S.P. 
2010Hybrid energy harvester based on piezoelectric and electromagnetic mechanismsYang, B. ; Lee, C. ; Kee, W.L.; Lim, S.P. 
Jun-2005Hybrid Jacobian control for uncalibrated robot visual servoingZhang, Q.; Ge, X.; Teo, C.-L. ; Lim, S.-P. 
Jan-2003Identification and speed control of ultrasonic motors based on neural networksXu, X.; Liang, Y.C.; Lee, H.P. ; Lin, W.Z.; Lim, S.P. ; Lee, K.H. ; Shi, X.H.
Aug-2004Improved Elman networks and applications for controlling ultrasonic motorsShi, X.H.; Liang, Y.C.; Lee, H.P. ; Lin, W.Z.; Xu, X.; Lim, S.P. 
2015Investigation of the relationship between facial injuries and traumatic brain injuries using a realistic subject-specific finite element head modelTse, Kwong Ming ; Tan, Long Bin ; Lee, Shujin; Lim, Siak Piang ; Lee, Heow Pueh 
5-Jan-2001Kinematic analysis of cylindrical ultrasonic micromotorsLu, P.; Lee, K.H. ; Lim, S.P. ; Lin, W.Z.