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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Feb-2011A peptide aldehyde microarray for high-throughput profiling of cellular eventsWu, H. ; Ge, J.; Yang, P.-Y.; Wang, J.; Uttamchandani, M. ; Yao, S.Q. 
18-Mar-2014A tuned affinity-based staurosporine probe for in situ profiling of protein kinasesCheng, X.; Li, L. ; Uttamchandani, M. ; Yao, S.Q. 
2007Activity-based fingerprinting and inhibitor discovery of cysteine proteases in a microarrayUttamchandani, M. ; Liu, K.; Panicker, R.C.; Yao, S.Q. 
2006Activity-based high-throughput profiling of metalloprotease inhibitors using small molecule microarraysWang, J.; Uttamchandani, M. ; Li, P.S.; Yao, S.Q. 
19-Aug-2002Antibody-based fluorescence detection of kinase activity on a peptide arrayLesaicherre, M.-L. ; Uttamchandani, M. ; Chen, G.Y.J ; Yao, S.Q. 
2004Application of microarrays in high-throughput enzymatic profilingUttamchandani, M. ; Huang, X.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Tan, L.-P. ; Yao, S.Q. 
4-Oct-2011Applying small molecule microarrays and resulting affinity probe cocktails for proteome profiling of mammalian cell lysatesShi, H.; Uttamchandani, M. ; Yao, S.Q. 
2003Array-based technologies and their applications in proteomics.Chen, G.Y. ; Uttamchandani, M. ; Lue, R.Y.; Lesaicherrea, M.L.; Yao, S.Q. 
7-Dec-2003Cell-permeable small molecule probes for site-specific labeling of proteinsYeo, D.S.Y.; Srinivasan, R.; Uttamchandani, M. ; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Zhu, Q. ; Yao, S.Q. 
2006"Click" synthesis of small molecule probes for activity-based fingerprinting of matrix metalloproteasesWang, J.; Uttamchandani, M. ; Li, J.; Hu, M.; Yao, S.Q. 
Sep-2003Combinatorial peptide microarrays for the rapid determination of kinase specificityUttamchandani, M. ; Chan, E.W.S.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
21-Feb-2012Comparative proteomic profiling of mammalian cell lysates using phosphopeptide microarraysGao, L.; Uttamchandani, M. ; Yao, S.Q. 
Apr-2012Current advances in peptide and small molecule microarray technologiesFoong, Y.M.; Fu, J.; Yao, S.Q. ; Uttamchandani, M. 
4-Apr-2003Developing a strategy for activity-based detection of enzymes in a protein microarrayChen, G.Y.J. ; Uttamchandani, M. ; Zhu, Q. ; Wang, G.; Yao, S.Q. 
19-Aug-2002Developing site-specific immobilization strategies of peptides in a microarrayLesaicherre, M.-L. ; Uttamchandani, M. ; Chen, G.Y.J ; Yao, S.Q. 
Apr-2013Direct visual detection of Salmonella genomic DNA using gold nanoparticlesKalidasan, K.; Neo, J.L.; Uttamchandani, M. 
17-Apr-2003Enzymatic profiling system in a small-molecule microarrayZhu, Q. ; Uttamchandani, M. ; Li, D.; Lesaicherre, M.L. ; Yao, S.Q. 
24-Mar-2003Facile synthesis of 7-amino-4-carbamoylmethylcoumarin (ACC)-containing solid supports and their corresponding fluorogenic protease substratesZhu, Q. ; Li, D.B.; Uttamchandani, M. ; Yao, S.Q. 
21-Aug-2013Fluorescence-activated cell sorting and directed evolution of α-N-acetylgalactosaminidases using a quenched activity-based probe (qABP)Kalidasan, K.; Su, Y.; Wu, X.; Yao, S.Q. ; Uttamchandani, M. 
21-Aug-2013Fluorescence-activated cell sorting and directed evolution of α-N-acetylgalactosaminidases using a quenched activity-based probe (qABP)Kalidasan, Kamaladasan; Su, Ying; Wu, Xiaoyuan ; Yao, Shao Qin ; Uttamchandani, Mahesh