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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001An empirical study on public capital spillovers from the USA to CanadaOwyong, D.T. ; Thangavelu, S.M. 
2005Biased lending and non-performing loans in China's banking sectorLu, D. ; Thangavelu, S.M. ; Hu, Q.
May-2012Does Outsourcing Provision Lead to Wage Inequality? New Evidence from Thailand's Establishment-level DataChongvilaivan, A.; Thangavelu, S.M. 
Oct-2012Economic growth and foreign workers in ASEAN and singaporeThangavelu, S.M. 
2010Economic liberalization and productivity for selected Indian manufacturing industries: A panel cointegration approachPattnayak, S.S. ; Thangavelu, S.M. 
2005Economic reform and productivity growth in Indian manufacturing industries: An interaction of technical change and scale economiesPattnayak, S.S. ; Thangavelu, S.M. 
Oct-2009FDI, growth and the Asian financial crisis: The experience of selected Asian countriesThangavelu, S.M. ; Wei Yong, Y. ; Chongvilaivan, A. 
2004Financial development and economic growth in Australia: An empirical analysisThangavelu, S.M. ; Ang, Beng Jiunn J.
2000Impact of public capital on the manufacturing productive performance of Japanese industriesThangavelu, S.M. ; Owyong, D.T. 
2008Introduction to the special issueRajan, R.S.; Thangavelu, S.M. 
2004Is there an export or import-led productivity growth in rapidly developing Asian countries? A multivariate VAR analysisThangavelu, S.M. ; Rajaguru, G.
Sep-2012Natural Disasters and Asia: IntroductionAbe, S.; Thangavelu, S.M. 
2008Outsourcing and fragmentation in Singapore's manufacturing industryThangvelu, S.M. ; Toh, M.H. ; Ng, K.K. 
2008Outsourcing and fragmentation in Singapore's manufacturing industryThangvelu, S.M. ; Toh, M.H. ; Ng, K.K. 
Sep-2010Singapore Information Sector: A Study Using Input-Output TablesTOH MUN HENG ; SHANDRE M THANGAVELU 
2007Structural change and productivity growth in the japanese manufacturing industryTanuwidjaja, E. ; Thangavelu, S. 
2004Technology adoption, education and immigration policyChander, P. ; Thangavelu, S.M. 
1999TFP growth in the electronics industry of SingaporeThangavelu, S.M. ; Bhanoji, Rao V.V.
Dec-2011The determinants of training participation in SingaporeThangavelu, S.M. ; Haoming, L. ; Cheolsung, P. ; Heng, A.B.; Wong, J.
2003The impact of export growth and scale economies on productivity in Singapore's manufacturing industriesThangavelu, S.M. ; Owyong, D.T.