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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A simple graphical approach for comparing reliability trends of different units in a fleetTang, L.C. ; Xie, M. 
18-Oct-2005A simple recovery strategy for economic lot scheduling problem: A two-product caseTang, L.C. ; Lee, L.H. 
Oct-1998A SPC procedure for detecting level shifts of autocorrelated processesAtienza, O.O.; Tang, L.C. ; Ang, B.W. 
2004A spreadsheet-based multiple criteria optimization framework for quality function deploymentTang, L.-C. ; Paoli, P.
Mar-2007A study of two estimation approaches for parameters of Weibull distribution based on WPPZhang, L.F.; Xie, M. ; Tang, L.C. 
Nov-2009A three-parameter Weibull statistical analysis of the strength variation of bulk metallic glassesHan, Z.; Tang, L.C. ; Xu, J.; Li, Y. 
Oct-2002A unified approach for dual response surface optimizationTang, L.C. ; Xu, K. 
2000A uniformly most powerful cumulative sum scheme based on symmetryAtienza, O.O.; Tang, L.C. ; Ang, B.W. 
2010Accelerated life test plans for repairable systems with multiple independent risksLiu, X. ; Tang, L.-C. 
2008An age-adjusted comparison of field failure data for repairable systemsHalim, T. ; Tang, L.-C. 
Aug-2007An approximate dynamic programming approach for the empty container allocation problemLam, S.-W. ; Lee, L.-H. ; Tang, L.-C. 
22-Feb-2018Analysis of Field Return Data With Failed-But-Not-Reported EventsXin Wang; Zhi-sheng Ye ; Yili Hong; Loon Ching Tang 
2006Analysis of heavily interval-censored data from- A fleet of repairable systemsTang, L.-C. ; Liu, X. 
Jul-2011Analysis of intermodal freight from China to Indian Ocean: A goal programming approachYang, X.; Low, J.M.W. ; Tang, L.C. 
Jun-2013Analysis of reliability experiments with blockingXiao, L. ; Tang, L.C. 
1996Analysis of step-stress accelerated-life-test data: a new approachTang, L.C. ; Sun, Y.S.; Goh, T.N. ; Ong, H.L. 
2003Application of neural networks in forecasting engine systems reliabilityXu, K. ; Xie, M. ; Tang, L.C. ; Ho, S.L.
2008Applying statistical design of experiments as a change agent in industryGoh, T.N. ; Tang, L.C. ; Xie, M. 
Dec-1997Arl properties of a sample autocorrelation chartAtienza, O.O.; Tang, L.C. ; Ang, B.W. 
Jul-2009Assessment of hub status among Asian ports from a network perspectiveLow, J.M.W. ; Lam, S.W. ; Tang, L.C.