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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Outsourcing suppliers as downstream competitors: Biting the hand that feedsLim, W.S. ; Tan, S.J. 
Sep-1998Overcoming the hybrid brand woes of bi-national productsTan, Soo Jiuan ; Lee, Khai Sheang ; Lim, Guan Hua 
2008Revenue implication of auction value in k-price sealed-bid auctions: An experimental studyLim, W.S. ; Lee-Partridge, J.E.; Tan, S.J. 
Oct-1998SMEs market entry strategy : substitution instead of nichingLim, Guan Hua ; Tan, Soo Jiuan ; Lee, Khai Sheang 
Oct-1998Strategic alliance as an entry strategy into markets dominated by major corporationsLee, Khai Sheang ; Lim, Guan Hua ; Tan Soo Jiuan 
Sep-1998Strategic management of parallel importsLee, Khai S. ; Lim, Guan H. ; Tan, Soo J. 
1997Strategic responses to parallel importingTan, S.J. ; Lim, G.H. ; Lee, K.S. 
1999Strategies for reducing consumers' risk aversion in internet shoppingTan, S.J. 
2011Subjective wellbeing in ASEAN: A cross-country studySiok Kuan, T. ; Jiuan, T.S. 
Sep-1998Sun Tzu on battlegrounds and strategies : seven managerial rules for successful market targeting and penetration strategies for SMEsTan, Soo Jiuan ; Lee, Khai Sheang ; Lim, Guan Hua 
2000The influence of materialistic inclination on values, life satisfaction and aspirations: An empirical analysisKeng, K.A. ; Jung, K. ; Jiuan, T.S. ; Wirtz, J. 
2006The influence of value orientations and demographics on quality-of-life perceptions: Evidence from a national survey of SingaporeansTan, S.J. ; Tambyah, S.K. ; Kau, A.K. 
2009The quality of life in SingaporeTambyah, S.K. ; Tan, S.J. ; Kau, A.K. 
2008Understanding consumer animosity in an international crisis: Nature, antecedents, and consequencesLeong, S.M. ; Cote, J.A.; Ang, S.H. ; Tan, S.J. ; Jung, K.; Kau, A.K. ; Pornpitakpan, C.
2009Using brand equity to counter outsourcing opportunism: A game theoretic approachLim, W.S. ; Tan, S.-J. 
2004"while stocks last" impact of framing on consumers' perception of sales promotionsTan, S.-J. ; Chua, S.H.