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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Mapping human genetic diversity in AsiaAbdulla, M.A.; Edo, J.; Jinam, T.A.; Phipps, M.E.; Ahmed, I.; Brahmachari, S.K.; Chaurasia, A.; Jha, P.; Mukerji, M.; Scaria, V.; Sinha, A.; Assawamakin, A.; Fuchareon, S.; Kulawonganunchai, S.; Ngamphiw, C.; Tongsima, S.; Bhak, J.; Ghang, H.; Kim, W.-Y.; Lee, S.; Oh, S.; Yang, J.O.; Yoo, H.-S.; Calacal, G.C.; De, Ungria M.C.A.; Delfin, F.C.; Perdigon, H.B.; Salvador, J.M.; Tabbada, K.A.; Villamor, L.P.; Chen, C.-H.; Chen, Y.-T.; Ho, S.-F.; Wu, J.-Y.; Chen, J.; Kumar, V.; Liu, E.T.; Ong, R.; Png, E.; Seielstad, M.; Tan, A.; Chu, J.; Cutiongco-de, La Paz E.M.C.; Padilla, C.D.; Gojobori, T.; Koike, T.; Suzuki, Y.; Han, J.; Xiao, H.; Hoh, B.P.; Sidek, M.R.; Zilfalil, B.A.; Huang, W.; Wang, Y.; Wang, H.; Yuan, W.; Zhao, G.; Inoko, H.; Oka, A.; Jin, L.; Jung, J.; Kim, H.-L.; Kim, K.; Lee, J.-Y.; Oh, B.; Kangwanpong, D.; Kampuansai, J.; Srikummool, M.; Kennedy, G.C.; Wang, E.; Khurana, P.; Mandapati, K.K.; Kim, S.; Kimm, K.; Kimura, R.; Nishida, N.; Ohashi, J.; Tokunaga, K.; Lai, P.S. ; Majumder, P.P.; Marzuki, S.; Sandraling, Y.; Sudoyo, H.; Suryadi, H.; Mitchell, W.; Naritomi, K.; Palittapongarnpim, P.; Sakaki, Y.; Sugano, S.; Jin, L.; Xu, S.; Shugart, Y.Y.; Niikawa, N.
1993Molecular characterization of β-thalassaemia in Singaporean Chinese: Application to prenatal diagnosisTan, J.A.M.A. ; Tay, J.S.H. ; Kham, S.; Chin, T.M.; Wong, H.B. ; Lai, P.S. 
1996Molecular diagnosis of duchenne muscular dystrophy in SingaporeLow, P.S. ; Lai, P.S. ; Lee, W.L. ; Chin, S.M.; Tay, J.S.H. ; Ong, H.T.
2005Molecular diagnosis of neurogenetic disorders involving trinucleotide repeat expansionsTan, E.-C.; Poh, S.L. 
1997Molecular Studies of Loss of Heterozygosity in RetinoblastomaChiu, L.L.; Lai, P.S. ; Low, P.S.; Chee, C.K.L.; Wong, P.K.; Ling, Y.L.F.; Cheong, P.Y.Y.; Lim, A.S.M. 
2017Mutation spectrum of RB1 mutations in retinoblastoma cases from Singapore with implications for genetic management and counsellingTomar S. ; Sethi R. ; Sundar G.; Quah T.C. ; Quah B.L. ; Lai P.S. 
1-Jun-2019Mutational spectrum of dystrophinopathies in Singapore: Insights for genetic diagnosis and precision therapyTomar, Swati ; Moorthy, Vikaesh; Sethi, Raman; Chai, Josiah; Low, Poh Sim ; Hong, Stacey Tay Kiat; Lai, Poh San 
1-Sep-2006Overexpression of RB1 transcript is significantly correlated with 13q14 allelic imbalance in colorectal carcinomasLai, P.-S. ; Cheah, P.Y.; Kadam, P.; Chua, C.L.-M.; Lie, D.K.H.; Li, H.-H.; Eu, K.-W.; Seow-Choen, F.; Lee, A.S.-G.
1992Pathogenesis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy: The calcium hypothesis revisitedTay, J.S.H. ; Lai, P.S. ; Low, P.S. ; Lee, W.L. ; Gan, G.C.
1990Prenatal diagnosis of alpha-thalassaemia by analysis of enzymatically amplified DNA sequences.Tan, J.A. ; Tay, S.H. ; Alain, K.; Wong, H.B. ; Lai, P.S. 
1991Prenatal diagnosis of α- and β-thalassaemias in Singapore - Current statusTan, J.A.M.A. ; Tay, S.H.J. ; Siang, O.K.; Lai, P.S. ; Boon, W.H. ; Kham, S.
2008Screening of dystrophin gene deletions in Malaysian patients with Duchenne Muscular DystrophyMarini, M.; Watihayati, M.S.; Mardziah, M.D.S.; Zahri, M.K.; Hoh, B.P.; Ankathil, R.; Zilfalil, B.A.; Salmi, A.A.; Lai, P.S. 
2003Selection and evaluation of tagging SNPs in the neuronal-sodium-channel gene SCN1A: Implications for linkage-disequilibrium gene mappingWeale, M.E.; Depondt, C.; Wood, N.W.; Macdonald, S.J.; Smith, A.; Goldstein, D.B.; Lai, P.S. ; Shorvon, S.D.
1-Sep-2019Specific phenotype semantics facilitate gene prioritization in clinical exome sequencingTomar, S ; Sethi, R; Lai, PS 
1995Usefulness of dinucleotide polymorphism markers in genetic analysis of Duchenne's muscular dystrophy cases in Singapore.Lai, P.S. ; Chiu, L.L. ; Low, P.S. ; Lee, W.L. ; Tay, J.S.