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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Generic adaptable test cases for software product line testingAsaithambi, S.P.R.; Jarzabek, S. 
1998Generic discretionary access control system for reuse frameworksWei, Lau Kung; Jarzabek, Stan 
2006Genericity - A "missing in action" key to software simplification and reuseJarzabek, S. 
2003Handling variant requirements in domain modelingJarzabek, S. ; Ong, W.C.; Zhang, H. 
2011Improving product line architecture design and customization by raising the level of variability modelingZhu, J.; Peng, X.; Jarzabek, S. ; Xing, Z. ; Xue, Y. ; Zhao, W.
2009Increasing usability of preprocessing for feature management in product lines with queriesJarzabek, S. ; Zhang, H.; Lee, Y.; Xue, Y. ; Shaikh, N.
2005Industrial experience with building a web portal product line using a lightweight, reactive approachPettersson, U.; Jarzabek, S. 
2013Mining logical clones in software: Revealing high-level business and programming rulesQian, W.; Peng, X.; Xing, Z.; Jarzabek, S. ; Zhao, W.
1998Model-based design of reverse engineering toolsJarzabek, S. ; Wang, G.
1995Model-based design of tools for business understanding and re-engineeringJarzabek, Stan ; Ling, Tok Wang 
1995Model-based design of tools for business understanding and re-engineeringJarzabek, Stan ; Ling, Tok Wang 
May-1996Model-based support for business re-engineeringJarzabek, S. ; Ling, T.W. 
2010Pragmatic strategies for variability management in product lines in small- to medium-size companiesJarzabek, S. 
2011Pragmatic strategies for variability management in software product linesJarzabek, S. 
2010Proceedings - International Conference on Software Engineering: ForewordInoue, K.; Jarzabek, S. ; Koschke, R.; Cordy, J.R.
2003Quality prediction and assessment for product linesZhang, H. ; Jarzabek, S. ; Yang, B. 
2008Query-based filtering and graphical view generation for clone analysisZhang, Y.; Basit, H.A.; Jarzabek, S. ; Anh, D.; Low, M.
2006Research journey towards industrial application of reuse techniqueJarzabek, S. ; Pettersson, U.
2007Reuse of database access layer components in JEE product lines: Limitations and a possible solution (Case Study)Peng, D.; Jarzabek, S. ; Rajapakse, D.C. ; Zhang, H.
2011Scalability of variability management: An example of industrial practice and some improvementsXue, Y. ; Jarzabek, S. ; Ye, P.; Peng, X.; Zhao, W.