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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Kawaii/cute interactive mediaCheok, A.D. 
Aug-2012Kawaii/Cute interactive mediaCheok, A.D. ; Fernando, O.N.N. 
Jun-2004Lip geometric features for human-computer interaction using bimodal speech recognition: Comparison and analysisKaynak, M.N.; Zhi, Q.; Cheok, A.D. ; Sengupta, K. ; Jian, Z.; Chung, K.C. 
2010Liquid interface: A malleable, transient, direct-touch interfaceValino Koh, J.T.K.; Karunanayaka, K.; Sepulveda, J. ; Tharakan, M.J. ; Krishnan, M.; Cheok, A.D. 
Jun-2005Live three-dimensional content for augmented realityFarbiz, F. ; Cheok, A.D. ; Wei, L.; ZhiYing, Z. ; Ke, X. ; Prince, S.; Billinghurst, M.; Kato, H.
2011Low cost infant monitoring and communication systemSaadatian, E.; Iyer, S.P.; Chen, L.; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Hideaki, N. ; Cheok, A.D. ; Madurapperuma, A.P. ; Ponnampalam, G.; Amin, Z.
2005Magic cubes for social and physical family entertainmentZhou, Z. ; Cheok, A.D. ; Li, Y.; Kato, H.
2005Magic land: Live 3d human capture mixed reality interactive systemQui, T.C.T.; Nguyen, T.H.D.; Mallawaarachchi, A.; Xu, K. ; Liu, W. ; Lee, S.P. ; Zhou, Z. ; Teo, S.L.; Teo, H.S.; Thang, L.N.; Li, Y.; Cheok, A.D. ; Kato, H.
2004Magic story cube: An interactive tangible interface for storytellingZhou, Z. ; Cheok, A.D. ; Pan, J.; Li, Y.
2007Media Me: Body and personal media interactionFernando, O.N.N. ; Wijesena, I.J.P. ; Cheok, A.D. ; Madurapperuma, A.P.; Ranathunga, L.; Gangwen, M.; Dayarathna, M.; Mariappan, S.; Jerome, L.R.J.
2011Message from the Symposium and program chairsYang, H.S.; Zhigeng Pan; Yanagida, Y.; Cheok, A. ; Park, J.-I.; Wan, W.; Kajimoto, H.; Nii, H. 
2006Metazoa LudensTan, R.T.K.C.; Teh, J.K.S.; Cheok, A.D. 
2010Metazoa Ludens: Mixed reality interaction and play between humans and animalsCheok, A.D. 
Jun-2008Metazoa ludens: Mixed reality interactions and play for small pets and humansTan, R.T.K.C.; Cheok, A.D. ; Peiris, R. ; Todorovic, V.; Loi, H.C.; Loh, C.W.; Nguyen, D.T.K.; Sen, J.Y.P.; Yio, E.Z.; Derek, T.B.S.
Sep-2011Metazoa Ludens: Mixed-reality interaction and play for small pets and humansCheok, A.D. ; Tan, R.T.K.C.; Peiris, R.L. ; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Soon, J.T.K.; Wijesena, I.J.P. ; Sen, J.Y.P.
2007Mixed reality classroom - Learning from entertainmentLiu, W. ; Cheok, A.D. ; Mei-Ling, C.L.; Theng, Y.-L.
2011Mixed reality lab Singapore : A genealogy of lab projects employing the blue sky innovation research methodologyCheok, A.D. ; Koh, J.T.K.V.; Peiris, R.L. ; Fernando, O.N.N. 
2007Mixed reality systems for learning: A pilot study understanding user perceptions and acceptanceTheng, Y.-L.; Mei-Ling, C.L.; Liu, W. ; Cheok, A.D. 
Apr-2005Mobile computing with personal area network and human power generationCheok, A.D. ; Fung, H.O.M.; Yustina, E.; Ping, L.S. 
2012Mobile implementation and user evaluation of the Huggy Pajama systemTeh, J.K.S.; Tsai, Z.; Koh, J.T.K.V.; Cheok, A.D.