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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008EEG-based mental fatigue measurement using multi-class support vector machines with confidence estimateShen, K.-Q. ; Ong, C.-J. ; Shao, S.-Y.; Li, X.-P. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V. 
2011Enlarging domain of attraction of switched linear systems in the presence of saturation nonlinearityDehghan, M.; Ong, C.-J. ; Chen, P.C.Y. 
Jun-2006Enlarging the terminal region of nonlinear model predictive control using the support vector machine methodOng, C.J. ; Sui, D.; Gilbert, E.G.
2012Estimator design for discrete-time switched neural networks with asynchronous switching and time-varying delayZhang, D.; Yu, L.; Wang, Q.-G. ; Ong, C.-J. 
Sep-2012Exponential H ∞ filtering for discrete-time switched singular systems with time-varying delaysZhang, D.; Yu, L.; Wang, Q.-G. ; Ong, C.-J. ; Wu, Z.-G.
2004Extracting the knowledge embedded in support vector machinesFu, X.; Ong, C. ; Keerthi, S. ; Hung, G.G.; Goh, L.
Aug-2001Fast versions of the Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi distance algorithm: Additional results and comparisonsOng, C.J. ; Gilbert, E.G.
Dec-2009Feature selection for MLP neural network: The use of random permutation of probabilistic outputsYang, J.-B.; Shen, K.-Q. ; Ong, C.-J. ; Li, X.-P. 
2010Feature selection for support vector regression using probabilistic predictionYang, J.-B.; Ong, C.-J. 
Jun-2011Feature selection using probabilistic prediction of support vector regressionYang, J.-B.; Ong, C.-J. 
2006Feature selection using SVM probabilistic outputsShen, K.Q.; Ong, C.J. ; Zheng, H.; Li, X.P. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V. 
2008Feature selection via sensitivity analysis of MLP probabilistic outputsYang, J.-B.; Shen, K.-Q. ; Ong, C.-J. ; Li, X.-P. 
2008Feature selection via sensitivity analysis of SVM probabilistic outputsShen, K.-Q. ; Ong, C.-J. ; Li, X.-P. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V. 
1997Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi distance algorithm: A fast version for incremental motionsOng, Chong Jin ; Gilbert, Elmer G.
1996Growth distances: New measures for object separation and penetrationOng, C.J. ; Gilbert, E.G.
2010Heartbeat evoked potential: A neural correlate of pain perception?Shao, S. ; Shen, K. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V.; Ong, C.J. ; Li, X. 
2012High - Bandwidth HDD actuator based on four - Bar linkage mechanismOng, C.J. ; Yap, F.F.; Djamari, D.W.
1998Incremental version of growth distanceOng, Chong Jin ; Huang, Eugene
1998Input-shaping for vibration reduction: An optimization formulationXu, M.; Ong, C.J. ; Teo, C.L. 
2006Integrative modeling of liver organ for simulation of flexible needle insertionChui, C.-K. ; Teoh, S.-H. ; Ong, C.-J. ; Anderson, J.H.; Sakuma, I.