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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Level-set segmentation of brain tumors using a threshold-based speed functionTaheri, S.; Ong, S.H. ; Chong, V.F.H. 
2009Meninges in cancer imagingMahendru, G.; Chong, V. 
2014MRI findings in Duane's ocular retraction syndromeXia, S.; Li, R.L.; Li, Y.P.; Qian, X.H.; Chong, V. ; Qi, J.
2008Nasopharyngeal carcinomaChong, V.F.H. ; Ong, C.K. 
2008Nasopharyngeal carcinoma lesion extraction using clustering via semi-supervised metric learning with side-informationHuang, W.; Kap, L.C.; Gao, Y.; Chong, V. 
2006Nasopharyngeal carcinoma lesion segmentation from MR images by support vector machineZhou, J.; Chan, K.L.; Xu, P.; Chong, V.F.H. 
2006Nasopharyngeal carcinoma lesion segmentation from MR images by support vector machineZhou, J.; Chan, K.L.; Xu, P.; Chong, V.F.H. 
2009Numerical simulation for nasal flow with partial inferior turbinatomy - A turbulent modelChen, X.B. ; Lee, H.P. ; Chong, V.F.H. ; Wang, D.Y. 
2005Oral cavity cancer.Chong, V. 
May-2012Persistence of hyperdense middle cerebral artery sign on follow-up CT scan after intravenous thrombolysis is associated with poor outcomePaliwal, P.R.; Ahmad, A.; Shen, L.; Yeo, L.L.L. ; Loh, P.K.; Ng, K.W.P. ; Chong, V.F. ; Ong, B.K.C. ; Venketasubramanian, N. ; Sinha, A.K. ; Teoh, H.L. ; Bathla, G.; Chan, B.P.L.; Sharma, V.K. 
2005Post treatment imaging in head and neck tumoursChong, V.F.H. 
2009PrefaceChong, V.F.-H. 
2009PrefaceChong, V.F.-H. 
22-Feb-2011Reversed Robin Hood syndrome in a patient with luxury perfusion after acute ischemic strokeSharma, V.K. ; Teoh, H.L. ; Paliwal, P.R.; Chong, V.F. ; Chan, B.P.L.; Sinha, A.K. 
2011Segmentation of skull base tumors from MRI using a hybrid support vector machine-based methodZhou, J.; Tian, Q.; Chong, V. ; Xiong, W.; Huang, W.; Wang, Z.
Mar-2010Sphenoid sinus ectopic pituitary adenomas: CT and MRI findingsYang, B.T.; Chong, V.F.H. ; Wang, Z.C.; Xian, J.F.; Chen, Q.H.
Apr-2009Temporal changes in IMRT contouring of organs at risk for nasopharyngeal carcinoma - The learning curve blues and a tool that could helpBaxi, S.; Park, E.; Chong, V. ; Chung, H.T.
2013The Clinical Application of One-Stop Examination with 640-Slice Volume CT for Nutcracker SyndromeZhong J.; Yuan J.; Chong V. ; Wang Z.; Xu J.; Ding Z.
May-2010The glossopharyngeal, vagus and spinal accessory nervesOng, C.K.; Chong, V.F.H. 
Feb-2007The relationship between nasopharyngeal carcinoma tumor volume and TNM T-classification: A quantitative analysisZhou, J.-Y.; Chong, V.F.H. ; Khoo, J.B.K.; Chan, K.-L.; Huang, J.