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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995The politics of space: changing discourses on Chinese burial grounds in post-war SingaporeYeoh, B.S.A. ; Tan, Boon Hui
2003“The Rise of the Merlion”: Monument and Myth in the Making of the Singapore StoryYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Chang, Tou Chuang 
2008The social organization of hundi: Channelling migrant remittances from East and South-east Asia to BangladeshRahman, Mizánur Mizanur Gohar; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
2006The social organization of remittances: channelling remittances from east and southeast Asia to BangladeshRahman, Md Mizanur ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
1998The social sustainability of Singapore's regionalisation driveWillis, K.D.; Yeoh, B. 
2002Theme Parks in SingaporeTeo, Cheok Chin Peggy ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
1997Theme Parks in the Asia-Pacific RegionTeo, Cheok Chin Peggy ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Yeoh, Caroline
2003Theorizing the Southeast Asian City as Text: Urban Landscapes, Cultural Documents, and Interpretative ExperiencesGoh, Boon Hua Robbie ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
1996Ties that Bind: State Policy and Migrant Female Domestic Helpers in SingaporeHuang, S. ; Yeoh, B.S.A. 
2003Toponymics: a study of Singapore street namesSavage, Victor R. ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
2002Tourism in Singapore: an overview of policies and issuesTan, Ern Ser ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Wang, Jennifer; Wong, Soo Mun Theresa 
2001Tourism Management and Policy: Perspectives from SingaporeTan, Ern Ser ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Wang, Jennifer
2003Transnational (Counter) topographiesPratt, G.; Yeoh, B. 
2010Transnational domestic workers and the negotiation of mobility and work practices in Singapore's home-spacesYeoh, B.S.A. ; Huang, S. 
Nov-2002Transnational elitesWillis, Katie; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Fakhri, S.M.A.K.
2012Transnational families and the family nexus: perspectives of Indonesian and Filipino children left behind by migrant parent(s)Graham, Elspeth; Jordan, Lucy P; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Lam, Choy Fong Theodora ; Asis, Maruja; Sukamdi
2005Transnational families and their children's education: China's 'study mothers' in SingaporeHuang, S. ; Yeoh, B.S.A. 
Jun-2012Transnational labour migration and the politics of care in the Southeast Asian familyHoang, L.A.; Yeoh, B.S.A. ; Wattie, A.M.
2015Transnational migration, changing care arrangements and left-behind children's responses in South-east AsiaHoang, Lan Anh ; Lam, Choy Fong Theodora ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
2008Transnational mobilities and challengesYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda