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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Factors affecting post minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass grafting incidence of myocardial infarction, percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, coronary artery bypass grafting and mortality of cardiac originKofidis, T. ; Klima, U. ; Paeschke, H.G.; Lichtenberg, A.; Emmert, M.; Haverich, A.; Woitek, F.; Didilis, V.
2011Factors associated with the development of acute heart failure in critically ill patients with severe pandemic 2009 influenza (H1N1) infection (reply)�MacLaren G ; Cove M ; Kofidis T 
2015Feasibility of transapical cardioscopic surgery in a pig modelKofidis Theodoros ; Vu Thang Duc ; Pal Shripad Nagesh ; Srirangam Ramanujam Vaibavi ; Chang Guo Hao; Chua Yang Chong; Ti Lian Kah ; Lee Chuen Neng 
2014Fiber optic projection-imaging system for shape measurement in confined spaceChen L.; Bavigadda V.; Kofidis T. ; Howe R.D.
2009First paediatric left ventricular assist device implantation as bridge-to-recovery in SingaporeKofidis, T. ; Klima, U. ; Chuen, N.L. ; Woitek, F.; Swee, C.Q. ; Bee, L.A.; Martinez, E.C. 
2010Intra-atrial embolus trapped in patent foramen ovale before systemic embolizationOoi, O.C.; Lee, C.N. ; Klima, U. ; Kofidis, T. ; Wong, R.C.C.; Woitek, F.
2009Long-term follow-up after minimal invasive direct coronary artery bypass grafting procedure: A multi-factorial retrospective analysis at 1000 patient-yearsKofidis, T. ; Emmert, M.Y.; Paeschke, H.G.; Emmert, L.S.; Zhang, R.; Havericha, A.
2007MRI-based safety evaluation of the Ventrica magnetic coronary anastomotic systemLotz, J.; Klima, U. ; Beilner, J.; Bagaev, E.; Fischer, S.; Kofidis, T. 
2012Myocardial restoration: Is it the cell or the architecture or both?Vu D.T.; Kofidis T. 
2009Myocardial tissue engineering: The quest for the ideal myocardial substituteMartinez, E.C. ; Kofidis, T. 
Feb-2008Nonpharmacologic support of the failing right ventricle [19]MacLaren, G. ; Kofidis, T. ; Klima, U. 
2009Off-pump coronary bypass grafting is safe and efficient in patients with left main disease and higher EuroScoreThomas, G.N.; Sakaguchi, H.; Muecke, S.; Lee, C.N. ; Kofidis, T. ; Martinez, E.C. ; Woitek, F.; Emmert, M.Y.
2010Off-pump coronary bypass surgery is safe in patients with a low ejection fraction (≤25%)Emmert, M.Y.; Emmert, L.S.; Martinez, E.C. ; Lee, C.N. ; Kofidis, T. 
2010Off-pump versus on-pump coronary artery bypass procedures: Postoperative renal complications in an asian populationLoganathan, S.; Nieh, C.C.; Emmert, M.Y.; Woitek, F.; Martinez, E.C. ; Muecke, S.; Lee, C.N. ; Kofidis, T. 
2009Predictors of adverse neurological outcome following cardiac surgeryChang, G.; Luo, H.D.; Lee, C.N. ; Kofidis, T. ; Emmert, M.Y.
Jul-2009Predictors of adverse neurological outcome following cardiac surgeryChang, G.; Luo, H.D.; Emmert, M.Y.; Lee, C.N. ; Kofidis, T. 
Jun-2011ReplyMacLaren, G. ; Cove, M.; Kofidis, T. 
2011Reply to Ziad KhabbazKofidis, T. 
2016Sleep Apnea is a Risk Factor for Acute Kidney Injury after Coronary Artery Bypass GraftingKua, J.; Zhao, L.P.; Kofidis, T. ; Chan, S.P. ; Yeo, T.C. ; Tan, H.C. ; Lee, C.-H. 
2015Sleep apnea is associated with new-onset atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass graftingZhao, L.-P.; Kofidis, T. ; Lim, T.-W. ; Chan, S.-P. ; Ong, T.-H. ; Tan, H.-C. ; Lee, C.-H.