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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Reliability, validity, and cut scores of the south oaks gambling screen (SOGS) for ChineseTang, C.S.-K. ; Wu, A.M.S.; Tang, J.Y.C.; Yan, E.C.W.
Jan-2008Resilience, adaptive capacity and posttraumatic growth in thai communities following the 2004 Indian Ocean TsunamiPaton, D.; Tang, C.S.-K. 
Feb-2011Role occupancy, quality, and psychological distress among caucasian and African American womenDavis, C.; Sloan, M.; Tang, C. 
Mar-2013Serum tumour necrosis factor-alpha is associated with poor health-related quality of life and depressive symptoms in patients with systemic lupus erythematosusMak, A. ; Tang, C.S. ; Ho, R.C. 
Jul-2009Solving the dilemma: Family communication about organ donation among Chinese, Japanese, and Caucasian American college studentsWu, A.M.S.; Tang, C.S. 
2015Survey on examining prevalence of paternal anxiety and its risk factors in perinatal period in Hong Kong: A longitudinal study Health behavior, health promotion and societyKoh Y.W.; Lee A.M.; Chan C.Y.; Fong D.Y.T.; Lee C.P.; Leung K.Y.; Tang C.S.K. 
Jan-2012The effect of emotional dissonance and emotional intelligence on work-family interferenceCheung, F.Y.-L.; Tang, C.S.-K. 
Dec-2010The Influence of Emotional Dissonance on Subjective Health and Job Satisfaction: Testing the Stress-Strain-Outcome ModelCheung, F.; Tang, C. 
2009The Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Affectivity on Emotional Labor Strategies at WorkCheung, F.Y.-l.; Tang, C.S.-k. 
Nov-2009The influence of family-work role experience and mastery on psychological health of chinese employed mothersTang, C.S.-K. 
2008The influence of gender-related factors on HIV prevention among chinese women with disrupted marital relationshipTang, C.S.-K. 
2009The negative impact of death anxiety on self-efficacy and willingness to donate organs among Chinese adultsWu, A.M.S.; Tang, C.S.-K. 
2008The negative impact of maternal bulimic symptoms on parenting behaviorLai, B.P.-y.; Tang, C.S.-k. 
2014The prevalence and risk factors of paternal depression from the antenatal to the postpartum period and the relationships between antenatal and postpartum depression among fathers in Hong KongKoh Y.W.; Chui C.Y.; Tang C.S.K. ; Lee A.M.
Sep-2013Thriving in the shadow of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake: Two studies on resilience in adolescentsGan, Y.; Xie, X.; Wang, T.; Rodriguez, M.A.; Tang, C.S. 
2009To unfold a hidden epidemic: Prevalence of child maltreatment and its health implications among high school students in Guangzhou, ChinaWong, W.C.W.; Leung, P.W.S.; Lee, A.; Tang, C.S.K. ; Chen, W.-Q.; Ling, D.C.
Dec-2011Validation of the Chinese Version of the Gambling Motivation Scale (C-GMS)Wu, A.M.S.; Tang, C.S. 
2010Validation of the Perinatal Grief Scale for use in Chinese women who have experienced recent reproductive lossYan, E.; Catherine, S.-K.T. ; Chung, T.