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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2010Effects of age, gender, and emotional labor strategies on job outcomes: Moderated mediation analysesCheung, F.Y.; Tang, C.S. 
2013Evaluating the effectiveness of personal resilience and enrichment programme (PREP) for HIV prevention among female sex workers: A randomised controlled trialYuen W.W.-Y.; Wong W.C.-W.; Tang C.S.-K. ; Holroyd E.; Tiwari A.F.-Y.; Fong D.Y.-T.; Chin W.Y.
Sep-2011Gambling cognition and subjective well-being as mediators between perceived stress and problem gambling: A cross-cultural study on white and chinese problem gamblersTang, C.S.K. ; Oei, T.P.
Mar-2012Gambling-Related Cognitive Biases and Pathological Gambling Among Youths, Young Adults, and Mature Adults in Chinese SocietiesTang, C.S. ; Wu, A.M.S.
Apr-2011Health compromising behaviors among Chinese adolescents: Role of physical abuse, school experience, and social supportSo-Kum Tang, C. ; Wong, W.C.W.; Leung, P.M.S.; Chen, W.-Q.; Lee, A.; Ling, D.C.
2009HIV/AIDS knowledge, sexual activity, and safer sex practices among female students in Hong Kong, Australia, and the United StatesDavis, C.; MacMaster, S.; Hughes, L.; Sloan, M.; Tang, C. 
Aug-2012Impulsivity as a Moderator and Mediator Between Life Stress and Pathological Gambling among Chinese Treatment-Seeking GamblersTang, C.S. ; Wu, A.M.S.
Aug-2011Impulsivity, Life Stress, Refusal Efficacy, and Problem Gambling Among Chinese: Testing the Diathesis-Stress-Coping ModelTang, C.S.-K. ; Chua, Z.; Wu, A.M.S.
2009Individual, familial and community determinants of child physical abuse among high-school students in ChinaWong, W.C.W.; Chen, W.Q.; Goggins, W.B.; Tang, C.S. ; Leung, P.W.
2009Influences of Mastery, Spousal Support, and Adaptive Coping on Sexual Drive and Satisfaction Among Chinese Gynecologic Cancer SurvivorsTang, C.S.-k. ; Lai, B.P.Y.; Chung, T.K.H.
2007Posttraumatic growth of southeast asian survivors with physical injuries: Six months after the 2004 southeast asian earthquake-TsunamiTang, C.S.-K. 
2008Prevalence and determinants of child maltreatment among high school students in Southern China: A large scale school based surveyLeung, P.W.S.; Wong, W.C.W.; Chen, W.Q.; Tang, C.S.K. 
Jun-2012Problem Gambling of Chinese College Students: Application of the Theory of Planned BehaviorWu, A.M.S.; Tang, C.S. 
Nov-2011Psychological capital as a moderator between emotional labor, burnout, and job satisfaction among school teachers in ChinaCheung, F.; Tang, C.S.K. ; Tang, S.
3-Feb-2016Psychological health and HIV transmission amongst female sex workers: A systematic review and meta-analysisWinnie Yuen; Lynn Tran; Carlos Wong; Eleanor Holroyd; Catherine So-Kum Tang ; William Wong
2009Quality of work life as a mediator between emotional labor and work family interferenceCheung, F.Y.-L.; Tang, C.S.-K. 
2010Reliability, validity, and cut scores of the south oaks gambling screen (SOGS) for ChineseTang, C.S.-K. ; Wu, A.M.S.; Tang, J.Y.C.; Yan, E.C.W.
Jan-2008Resilience, adaptive capacity and posttraumatic growth in thai communities following the 2004 Indian Ocean TsunamiPaton, D.; Tang, C.S.-K. 
Feb-2011Role occupancy, quality, and psychological distress among caucasian and African American womenDavis, C.; Sloan, M.; Tang, C. 
Mar-2013Serum tumour necrosis factor-alpha is associated with poor health-related quality of life and depressive symptoms in patients with systemic lupus erythematosusMak, A. ; Tang, C.S. ; Ho, R.C.