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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008MEMS gratings for nondispersive optical phase modulationZhou, G. ; Du, Y. ; Fook, S.C. 
2012MEMS-Based tunable iris diaphragmYu, H. ; Zhou, G. ; Du, Y. ; Mu, X.; Chau, F.S. 
2011MEMS-driven diffraction gratings for rapid scanning of laser beams with very high optical resolutionZhou, G. ; Du, Y. ; Cheo, K.K.L. ; Chau, F.S. 
15-May-2012Microelectromechanical-systems-driven two-layer rotary-blade-based adjustable iris diaphragmZhou, G. ; Yu, H. ; Du, Y. ; Chau, F.S. 
1-Sep-2013Nanoelectromechanical-systems-controlled bistability of double-coupled photonic crystal cavitiesTian, F. ; Zhou, G. ; Du, Y. ; Chau, F.S. ; Deng, J.; Teo, S.L.; Akkipeddi, R.
2010Optical scanning with MEMS in-plane vibratory gratings and its applicationsZhou, G. ; Du, Y. ; Cheo, K.K.L. ; Yu, H. ; Chau, F.S. 
15-Jun-2013Out-of-plane nanomechanical tuning of double-coupled one-dimensional photonic crystal cavitiesTian, F. ; Zhou, G. ; Du, Y. ; Chau, F.S. ; Deng, J.; Akkipeddi, R.
2013Post-corrections of image distortions in a scanning grating-based spectral line imagerCheo, K.K.L. ; Du, Y. ; Zhou, G. ; Chau, F.S. 
2010Synchronized laser scanning of multiple beams by MEMS gratings integrated with resonant frequency fine tuning mechanismsDu, Y. ; Zhou, G. ; Cheo, K.K.L. ; Zhang, Q.; Feng, H.; Chau, F.S. 
3-Dec-2012Tuning of split-ladder cavity by its intrinsic nano-deformationTian, F. ; Zhou, G. ; Chau, F.-S. ; Deng, J.; Du, Y. ; Tang, X.; Akkipeddi, R.; Loke, Y.C.