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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jul-2002Multiple mechanisms for Pitx-1 transactivation of a luteinizing hormone β subunit geneMelamed, P. ; Koh, M.; Preklathan, P.; Bei, L.; Hew, C. 
29-Sep-2009Negative feedback governs gonadotrope frequency-decoding of gonadotropin releasing hormone pulse-frequencyLim, S. ; Pnueli, L.; Tan, J.H.; Naor, Z.; Rajagopal, G.; Melamed, P. 
Feb-2010Pin1 facilitates the phosphorylation-dependent ubiquitination of SF-1 to regulate gonadotropin β-subunit gene transcriptionLuo, Z.; Wijeweera, A.; Oh, Y.; Liou, Y.-C. ; Melamed, P. 
2003Regulation of fish gonadotropinsYaron, Z.; Gur, G.; Melamed, P. ; Rosenfeld, H.; Elizur, A.; Levavi-Sivan, B.
Mar-2005The male seahorse synthesizes and secretes a novel C-type lectin into the brood pouch during early pregnancyMelamed, P. ; Xue, Y.; Poon, J.F.D.; Wu, Q. ; Xie, H.; Yeo, J.; FOO TET WEI,JOHN ; Chua, H.K.
Mar-2009The molecular regulation of Chinook salmon gonadotropin β-subunit gene transcriptionWang, S. ; Zhu, Y.; Melamed, P. 
11-Feb-2002The potential impact of modern biotechnology on fish aquacultureMelamed, P. ; Gong, Z. ; Fletcher, G.; Hew, C.L. 
27-Jun-2006Transcription of gonadotropin β subunit genes involves cross-talk between the transcription factors and co-regulators that mediate actions of the regulatory hormonesMelamed, P. ; Kadir, M.N.A.; Wijeweera, A.; Seah, S.