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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Haematuria in postrenal transplant patientsWang Z.; Vathsala A. ; Tiong H.Y. 
2015Hemodialysis versus peritoneal dialysis: A comparison of survival outcomes in south-east Asian patients with end-stage renal diseaseYang F.; Khin L.-W.; Lau T.; Chua H.-R.; Vathsala A. ; Lee E. ; Luo N.
2009Organ and tissue transplantationMadhavan, K. ; Vathsala, A. ; Ooi, L.L.|
2010Outcomes for kidney transplants at the National University Health System: comparison with overseas transplants.Vathsala, A. 
2015Predictors of anemia in a multi-ethnic chronic kidney disease population: a case?control studyLau, B.C.V; Ong, K.Y; Yap, C.W ; Vathsala, A ; How, P 
2018Projecting the Burden of Chronic Kidney Disease in a Developed Country and Its Implications on Public HealthWong, L.Y; Liew, A.S.T ; Weng, W.T; Lim, C.K; Vathsala, A ; Toh, M.P.H.S 
15-Apr-2013Randomized trial of everolimus-facilitated calcineurin inhibitor minimization over 24 months in renal transplantationCibrik, D.; Silva Jr., H.T.; Vathsala, A. ; Lackova, E.; Cornu-Artis, C.; Walker, R.G.; Wang, Z.; Zibari, G.B.; Shihab, F.; Kim, Y.S.
Apr-2009Renal transplantation in SingaporeVathsala, A. ; Khuan, Y.C.
Apr-2011The critical pathway for deceased donation: Reportable uniformity in the approach to deceased donationDomínguez-Gil, B.; Delmonico, F.L.; Shaheen, F.A.M.; Matesanz, R.; O'Connor, K.; Minina, M.; Muller, E.; Young, K.; Manyalich, M.; Chapman, J.; Kirste, G.; Al-Mousawi, M.; Coene, L.; García, V.D.; Gautier, S.; Hasegawa, T.; Jha, V.; Kwek, T.K.; Chen, Z.K.; Loty, B.; Costa, A.N.; Nathan, H.M.; Ploeg, R.; Reznik, O.; Rosendale, J.D.; Tibell, A.; Tsoulfas, G.; Vathsala, A. ; Noël, L.