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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Dec-2009Combination of heparin and aspirin is superior to aspirin alone in enhancing live births in patients with recurrent pregnancy loss and positive anti-phospholipid antibodies: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials and meta-regressionMak, A. ; Cheung, M.W.-L. ; Cheak, A.A.-C. ; Chun-Man Ho, R. 
2007Comparison of approaches to constructing confidence intervals for mediating effects using structural equation modelsCheung, M.W.-L. 
May-2009Comparison of methods for constructing confidence intervals of standardized indirect effectsCheung, M.W.-L. 
2007Comparison of methods of handling missing time-invariant covariates in latent growth models under the assumption of missing completely at randomCheung, M.W.-L. 
2018Computing multivariate effect sizes and their sampling covariance matrices with structural equation modeling: Theory, examples, and computer simulationsCheung M.W.-L. 
Apr-2012Conducting a meta-analysis: Basics and good practicesCheung, M.W.-L. ; Ho, R.C.M. ; Lim, Y. ; Mak, A. 
2009Constructing approximate confidence intervals for parameters with structural equation modelsCheung, M.W.-L. 
2018Editorial: Recent advancements in structural equation modeling (SEM): From both methodological and application perspectivesKwok, O.-M; L. Cheung, M.W ; Jak, S; Ryu, E; Wu, J.-Y
2018Emotional labor and occupational well-being: Latent profile transition analysis approachCheung F.; Lun V.M.C.; Cheung M.W.-L. 
2006Evaluating multilevel models in cross-cultural research: An illustration with social axiomsCheung, M.W.-L. ; Leung, K.; Au, K.
Mar-2014Fixed- and random-effects meta-analytic structural equation modeling: Examples and analyses in RCheung, M.W.-L. 
2010Fixed-effects meta-analyses as multiple-group structural equation modelsCheung, M.W.-L. 
Aug-2008Folkbiology meets microbiology: A study of conceptual and behavioral changeAu, T.K.-f.; Chan, C.K.K.; Chan, T.-k.; Cheung, M.W.L. ; Ho, J.Y.S.; Ip, G.W.M.
20-Jan-2019Four covariance structure models for canonical correlation analysis: A COSAN modeling approachMike Cheung 
Jun-2012Global Trend of Survival and Damage of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression of Observational Studies from the 1950s to 2000sMak, A. ; Cheung, M.W.-L. ; Chiew, H.J.; Liu, Y.; Ho, R.C.M. 
Jan-2013Implementing Restricted Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Structural Equation ModelsCheung, M.W.-L. 
Dec-2012Marital satisfaction among Hong Kong couples.Cheung, M.W. ; Yip, P.S.; Fan, S.Y.; Lam, T.H.
2010Meta-analysis in medicine: An introductionMak, A.; Ho, R.C.M.; Cheung, M.W.L. ; Fu, E.H.Y.
2015metaSEM: An R package for meta-analysis using structural equation modelingCheung M.W.-L. 
2018Multinational comparison of internet gaming disorder and psychosocial problems versus well-being: Meta-analysis of 20 countriesCheng C.; Cheung M.W.-L. ; Wang H.-Y.