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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Blockade of neurokinin-1 receptor attenuates CC and CXC chemokine production in experimental acute pancreatitis and associated lung injurySun, J. ; Bhatia, M. 
Jan-2005Chemokines in acute respiratory distress syndromePuneet, P.; Moochhala, S. ; Bhatia, M. 
2008Contractile and vasorelaxant effects of hydrogen sulfide and its biosynthesis in the human internal mammary arteryWebb, G.D.; Oh, V.M.S. ; Soh, B.Y.; Taylor, E.A.; Lay, H.L. ; Yoke, P.C.; Ali, M.Y.; Bhatia, M. ; Moore, P.K. ; El, Oakley R. ; Chuen, N.L. ; Poo, S.W. ; Caleb, M.G. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Chan, E.S.Y.
2006Crambene induces pancreatic acinar cell apoptosis via the activation of mitochondrial pathwayCao, Y.; Adhikari, S. ; Ang, A.D. ; Bhatia, M. ; Clement, M.V. ; Wallig, M.
2009Effect of hydrogen sulfide on the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-protein kinase B pathway and on caerulein-induced cytokine production in isolated mouse pancreatic acinar cellsTamizhselvi, R. ; Sun, J. ; Koh, Y.-H.; Bhatia, M. 
2007Effect of mitogen-activated protein kinases on chemokine synthesis induced by substance P in mouse pancreatic acinar cellsRamnath, R.D. ; Sun, J. ; Adhikari, S. ; Bhatia, M. 
2007Effect of S-diclofenac, a novel hydrogen sulfide releasing derivative, on carrageenan-induced hindpaw oedema formation in the ratSidhapuriwala, J. ; Li, L. ; Bhatia, M. ; Moore, P.K. ; Sparatore, A.
2007Endogenous hydrogen sulfide regulates leukocyte trafficking in cecal ligation and puncture-induced sepsisZhang, H. ; Zhi, L. ; Moore, P.K. ; Bhatia, M. ; Moochhala, S.M. 
2006Flurbiprofen and its nitric oxide-releasing derivative protect against septic shock in ratsAnuar, F.; Bhatia, M. ; Moore, P.K. ; Whiteman, M. 
2007Hydrogen sulfide acts as an inflammatory mediator in cecal ligation and puncture-induced sepsis in mice by upregulating the production of cytokines and chemokines via NF-κBZhang, H.; Zhi, L. ; Moochhala, S. ; Moore, P.K. ; Bhatia, M. 
2007Hydrogen sulfide induces the synthesis of proinflammatory cytokines in human monocyte cell line U937 via the ERK-NF-κB pathwayZhi, L. ; Ang, A.D. ; Zhang, H. ; Moore, P.K. ; Bhatia, M. 
2005Hydrogen sulfide is a novel mediator of lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation in the mouseLi, L.; Bhatia, M. ; Zhu, Y.Z. ; Ramnath, R.D. ; Wang, Z.J. ; Anuar, F.B.M.; Moore, P.K.; Zhu, Y.C.; Whiteman, M. ; Salto-Tellez, M. 
Dec-2003Hydrogen sulfide: From the smell of the past to the mediator of the future?Moore, P.K. ; Bhatia, M. ; Moochhala, S. 
May-2005Hydrogen sulphide is a mediator of carrageenan-induced hindpaw oedema in the ratBhatia, M. ; Sidhapuriwala, J. ; Moochhala, S.M. ; Moore, P.K. 
2006Inflammatory mediators in sepsis: Cytokines, chemokines, adhesion molecules and gasesDevi, Ramnath R. ; Weing, S.; He, M.; Sun, J. ; Zhang, H. ; Singh, Bawa M.; Bhatia, M. 
2005Inflammatory response on the pancreatic acinar cell injuryBhatia, M. 
2009Involvement of Src family kinases in substance P-induced chemokine production in mouse pancreatic acinar cells and its significance in acute pancreatitisRamnath, R.D. ; Sun, J. ; Bhatia, M. 
2006Mechanism of induction of pancreatic acinar cell apoptosis by hydrogen sulfideCao, Y.; Adhikari, S. ; Ang, A.D. ; Moore, P.K. ; Bhatia, M. 
2008Neurokinin A engages neurokinin-1 receptor to induce NF-κB-dependent gene expression in murine macrophages: Implications of ERK1/2 and PI 3-kinase/Akt pathwaysSun, J. ; Ramnath, R.D. ; Tamizhselvi, R. ; Bhatia, M. 
2007Neuropeptide substance P upregulates chemokine and chemokine receptor expression in primary mouse neutrophilsSun, J. ; Ramnath, R.D. ; Bhatia, M.