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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jul-2008Raman studies of monolayer graphene: The substrate effectWang, Y.Y.; Ni, Z.H.; Yu, T.; Shen, Z.X.; Wang, H.M.; Wu, Y.H. ; Chen, W. ; Wee, A.T.S. 
Jan-2004Response Function Study of a New Kind of Multilayer-Coated Tip for Magnetic Force MicroscopyShen, Y.; Wu, Y. 
Mar-2004Robust design of write head to minimize side-fringing and its variationWang, H.; Liu, Z.; Wu, Y. ; You, D.
15-May-2003Role of oxygen exposure in different positions in the synthetic spin valvesLi, K.; Han, G.; Qiu, J.; Luo, P.; Guo, Z.; Zheng, Y.; Wu, Y. 
Aug-2006Saturation field direction dependence of domain structures in NiFe elementsGuo, Z.B.; Zheng, Y.K.; Li, K.B.; Han, G.C. ; Liu, Z.Y.; Qiu, J.J.; Luo, P.; An, L.H.; Wu, Y.H. 
2016Self-current induced spin-orbit torque in FeMn/Pt multilayersXu, Y ; Yang, Y ; Yao, K ; Xu, B; Wu, Y 
2006Side-shielded TGMR reader with track width reduction schemeZheng, Y.; Han, G.; Li, K.; Guo, Z.; Qiu, J.; Tan, S.; Liu, Z.; Liu, B.; Wu, Y. 
2003Silicon Nanostructured Films Formed by Pulsed-Laser Deposition in Inert Gas and Reactive GasChen, X.Y.; Lu, Y.F. ; Wu, Y.H. ; Cho, B.J. ; Hu, H.
Aug-2006Spacer dependence effect in synthetic magnetic force microscopy tipsHan, G.; Wu, Y. ; Zheng, Y.; Qiu, J.; Li, K.
2009Spin configuration of hexagonal shaped ferromagnetic elements arranged in different structuresLua, S.Y.H.; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Wu, Y.H. ; Teo, K.L. ; Chong, T.C.
2003Spin-valves with a hard/Ru/soft synthetic longitudinal biasWu, Y. ; Zheng, Y.
Aug-2006Structural and magnetoresistive properties of half metallic Co2Mn1-xSi thin filmsLi, K.B.; Qiu, J.J.; Luo, P.; An, L.H.; Guo, Z.B.; Zheng, Y.K.; Han, G.C.; Wu, Y.H. ; Wang, S.J.
2009Structural, optical, magnetic and electrical properties of Zn 1-xCo xO thin filmsTay, M.; Wu, Y.H. ; Han, G.C.; Chen, Y.B.; Pan, X.Q.; Wang, S.J.; Yang, P.; Feng, Y.P. 
Jul-2004Sub-100-nm current-perpendicular-to-plane sensor fabricationZheng, Y.K.; Li, K.B.; Qiu, J.J.; Han, G.C.; Guo, Z.B.; Zong, B.Y.; An, L.H.; Luo, P.; Liu, Z.Y.; Wu, Y.H. 
26-Nov-2001Suppression of interlayer coupling and enhancement of magnetoresistant in spin valves with oxide layerLi, K.; Wu, Y. ; Qiu, J.; Han, G.; Guo, Z.; Xie, H.; Chong, T. 
7-Oct-2013Suppression of superconductivity in Nb by IrMn in IrMn/Nb bilayersWu, B.L.; Yang, Y.M.; Guo, Z.B.; Wu, Y.H. ; Qiu, J.J.
2001Surface roughness control of the Al and Al2O3 thin films deposited by using pulsed DC magnetron sputteringQiu, J.; Li, K.; Han, G. ; Guo, Z.; Wu, Y. 
22-Oct-2001Switch-free read operation design and measurement of magnetic tunnel junction magnetic random access memory arraysZheng, Y.; Wang, X.; You, D.; Wu, Y. 
22-Mar-2005Synthesis of iron oxide nanostructures by annealing electrodeposited Fe-based filmsZong, B.; Wu, Y. ; Han, G.; Yang, B.; Luo, P.; Wang, L.; Qiu, J.; Li, K.
Aug-2006Synthetic Co50Pt50/Ru/CoFe hard-soft trilayer in spin valvesQiu, J.J.; Li, K.B.; Han, G.C.; Zheng, Y.K.; Guo, Z.B.; Wu, Y.H.