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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Magnetic and electric transport properties in Fe3O4 thin films and nanowiresLi, H.; Wu, Y. ; Teo, K.L. ; Guo, Z.; Wang, S.; Veres, T.
Aug-2006Magnetic and electrical transport properties of delta-doped amorphous Ge:Mn magnetic semiconductorsLi, H.L.; Lin, H.T.; Wu, Y.H. ; Liu, T. ; Zhao, Z.L. ; Han, G.C.; Chong, T.C.
2006Magnetic and electrical transport properties of Ge1-x Mn x thin filmsLi, H.; Wu, Y. ; Guo, Z.; Luo, P.; Wang, S.
18-May-2006Magnetic and transport properties of Ge : MMMn granular systemLi, H.; Wu, Y. ; Liu, T. ; Wang, S.; Guo, Z.; Osipowicz, T. 
15-May-2002Magnetic force microscopy using focused ion beam sharpened tip with deposited antiferro-ferromagnetic multiple layersLiu, Z.; Dan, Y.; Jinjun, Q.; Wu, Y. 
Feb-2002Magnetic Nanostructures Grown on Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube TemplatesWu, Y. ; Qiao, P.; Qiu, J.; Chong, T. ; Low, T.-S. 
2002Magnetic properties in patterned FeMn/NiFe bilayers with different etching depthGuo, Z.B.; Li, K.B.; Han, G.C. ; Liu, Z.Y.; Luo, P.; Wu, Y.H. 
15-Nov-2003Magnetic properties of asymmetric antirectangular Ni80Fe 20 arraysWang, C.C. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Wu, Y.H. 
2002Magnetic properties of magnetic nano-wire arraysHan, G.C.; Zong, B.Y.; Wu, Y.H. 
Sep-2002Magnetic properties of magnetic nanowire arraysHan, G.C. ; Zong, B.Y.; Wu, Y.H. 
2003Magnetic properties of NiFe/(IrMn/CoFe)3/IrMn multilayer thin films - A novel type of exchange-spring systemLi, K.; Qiu, J.; Wu, Y. 
Jan-2007Magnetic random access memory (MRAM)Zheng, Y.; Wu, Y. ; Li, K.; Qiu, J.; Han, G.; Guo, Z.; Luo, P.; An, L.; Liu, Z.; Wang, L.; Tan, S.G.; Zong, B.; Liu, B.
2005Magnetization reversal and stray field of periodicaly magnetic dots detected by both mfm and GMR read headLi, K.B.; Zheng, Y.K.; Luo, P.; Liu, Z.Y.; An, L.H.; Guo, Z.B.; Han, G.C.; Wu, Y.H. 
2005Magnetization reversal in exchange biased multilayers detected by giant magnetoresistance effectsGuo, Z.B.; Li, K.B.; Qiu, J.J.; Han, G.C. ; Zheng, Y.K.; Luo, P.; An, L.H.; Wu, Y.H. 
1-Nov-2005Magnetoresistance behavior of nanoscale antidot arraysWang, C.C. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Singh, N.; Huang, Y.S.; Wu, Y.H. 
2002Magnetoresistance in exchange-biased IRMN/NIFE/FEMNGuo, Z.B.; Qiu, J.J.; Zheng, Y.K.; Han, G.C. ; Li, K.B.; Luo, P.; Wu, Y.H. 
2007Manufacturing method for the fabrication of sub- 50 nm current- perpendicular-to-plane spin valve sensorsHan, G.C.; Li, K.B.; Zheng, Y.K.; Qiu, J.J.; Luo, P.; An, L.H.; Guo, Z.B.; Liu, Z.Y.; Wu, Y.H. 
2003Material and electrical characterization of HfO2 films for MIM capacitors applicationHu, H.; Zhu, C. ; Lu, Y.F. ; Wu, Y.H. ; Liew, T. ; Li, M.F. ; Cho, B.J. ; Choi, W.K. ; Yakovlev, N.
15-May-2003Mechanisms of photoluminescence from silicon nanocrystals formed by pulsed-laser deposition in argon and oxygen ambientChen, X.Y.; Lu, Y.F.; Wu, Y.H. ; Cho, B.J. ; Liu, M.H. ; Dai, D.Y.; Song, W.D. 
2002MFM study of magnetic bit patterns of different dimensionsYou, D.; Zheng, Y.; Liu, Z.; Guo, Z.; Wu, Y.