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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Oct-2011Bandgap engineering of zigzag graphene nanoribbons by manipulating edge states via defective boundariesZhang, A. ; Wu, Y. ; Ke, S.-H.; Feng, Y.P. ; Zhang, C. 
15-May-2002Barrier dependence of magnetoresistance enhancement in nano-oxide added spin valvesLi, K.; Wu, Y. ; Qiu, J.; Chong, T. 
21-Feb-2004Carbon nanowalls and related materialsWu, Y. ; Yang, B.; Zong, B.; Sun, H.; Shen, Z. ; Feng, Y. 
4-Jan-2002Carbon nanowalls grown by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor depositionWu, Y. ; Qiao, P.; Chong, T. ; Shen, Z. 
3-Mar-1997Carrier concentration enhancement of p-type ZnSe and ZnS by codoping with active nitrogen and tellurium by using a δ-doping techniqueJung, H.D.; Song, C.D.; Wang, S.Q.; Arai, K.; Wu, Y.H. ; Zhu, Z.; Yao, T.; Katayama-Yoshida, H.
2008Chirality control and switching of vortices formed in hexagonal shaped ferromagnetic elementsLua, S.Y.H.; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Wu, Y.H. ; Teo, K.L. ; Chong, T.C.
18-May-2006Co-doped TiO2 epitaxial thin films grown by sputteringHan, G.C.; Luo, P.; Guo, Z.B.; Nahar, F.U.; Tay, M.; Wu, Y.H. ; Wang, S.J.
30-Dec-2006Correlation between optical properties and Si nanocrystal formation of Si-rich Si oxide films prepared by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositionChen, X.Y.; Lu, Y.F.; Wu, Y.H. ; Cho, B.J. ; Tang, L.J.; Lu, D.; Dong, J.R.
2002CPP sensors with an enhanced MR using laminated FM layersWu, Y.H. ; Li, K.B.; Guo, Z.B.; Qiu, J.J.; Han, G.C.; Chong, T.C. 
15-Jan-2005Current inhomogeneity effect in single-layer ferromagnetic antirectangular structuresWang, C.C. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Wu, Y.H. ; Jalil, M.B.A. 
May-2003Dewetting observations of ultrathin metallic filmsHan, G.C.; Wu, Y.H. ; Luo, P.; Qiu, J.J.; Chong, T.C.
21-May-2001Dewetting of resist/metal bilayers in resist stripping processesWu, Y. ; Qiao, P.; Chong, T. ; Low, T.-S. ; Xie, H.; Luo, P.; Guo, Z.; Qiu, J.
Feb-2008Differential conductance fluctuation of curved nanographite sheets in the mesoscopic regimeWang, H.; Choong, C.; Zhang, J.; Teo, K.L. ; Wu, Y. 
May-2001Diffusion and oxidation of plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor-deposition silicon nitride and underlying metalsHan, G.C. ; Luo, P.; Li, K.B.; Wu, Y.H. 
2006Disorder induced bands in first order Raman spectra of carbon nanowallsWang, H.; Wu, Y. ; Choong, C.K.S.; Zhang, J.; Teo, K.L. ; Ni, Z.; Shen, Z.
May-2011Doping-free fabrication of n-type random network single-walled carbon nanotube field effect transistor with yttrium contactsHUANG LEIHUA ; Chor, E.F. ; Wu, Y. 
4-Jul-2007Double exchange biased magnetic force microscopy tip and comparison of its imaging performance with commercial tipsHan, G.; Wu, Y. ; Zheng, Y.
Aug-2007Dual-synthetic magnetic force microscopy tip and its imaging performanceHan, G.; Wu, Y. ; Zheng, Y.
2020Eddy Current Testing of Metal Cracks Using Spin Hall Magnetoresistance Sensor and Machine LearningXu, Yanjun ; Yang, Yumeng ; Wu, Yihong 
21-May-2007Effect of an exchange tab on the magnetization switching process of magnetic nanowiresLua, S.Y.H.; Wu, Y.H. ; Teo, K.L. ; Chong, T.C.