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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Co-morbid association of depression and COPD: A population-based studyNg, T.-P. ; Niti, M. ; Fones, C. ; Yap, K.B. ; Tan, W.-C.
2009Continued work employment and volunteerism and mental well-being of older adults: Singapore longitudinal ageing studiesSchwingel, A. ; Niti, M.M. ; Tang, C. ; Ng, T.P. 
2009Continued work employment and volunteerism and mental well-being of older adults: Singapore longitudinal ageing studiesSchwingel, A. ; Niti, M.M. ; Tang, C. ; Ng, T.P. 
2009Criterion-based validity and reliability of the Geriatric Depression Screening Scale (GDS-15) in a large validation sample of community-living Asian older adultsNyunt, M.S.Z. ; Niti, M. ; Ng, T.-P. ; Fones, C. 
2007Depression and chronic medical illnesses in asian older adults: The role of subjective health and functional statusNiti, M. ; Ng, T.-P. ; Kua, E.H. ; Ho, R.C.M. ; Tan, C.H. 
2007Depressive symptoms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Effect on mortality, hospital readmission, symptom burden, functional status, and quality of lifeNg, T.-P. ; Tan, W.-C. ; Cao, Z. ; Ong, K.-C.; Eng, P.; Niti, M. 
2009Depressive symptoms and incident cognitive impairment in cognitively Well-functioning older men and womenNg, T.P. ; Niti, M. ; Zaw, M.H. ; Kua, E.H. 
2009Determinants of successful aging using a multidimensional definition among chinese elderly in singaporeNg, T.P. ; Broekman, B.F.P. ; Niti, M. ; Gwee, X. ; Kua, E.H. 
Jan-2011Diagnostic performance of the chinese frontal assessment battery in early cognitive impairment in an asian populationChong, M.S.; Lim, W.S.; Chan, S.P.; Feng, L. ; Niti, M. ; Yap, P.; Yeo, D.; Ng, T.-P. 
2008Differential item functioning of the Geriatric Depression Scale in an Asian populationBroekman, B.F.P. ; Nyunt, S.Z. ; Niti, M. ; Jin, A.Z.; Ko, S.M. ; Kumar, R. ; Fones, C.S.L. ; Ng, T.P. 
2007Ethnic and educational differences in cognitive test performance on mini-mental state examination in AsiansNg, T.-P. ; Niti, M. ; Chiam, P.-C.; Kua, E.-H. 
2009Folate, vitamin b12, homocysteine, and depressive symptoms in a population sample of older chinese adults: Brief reportsNg, T.-P. ; Feng, L. ; Niti, M. ; Kua, E.-H. ; Yap, K.-B. 
2006Homocysteine, folate, and vitamin B-12 and cognitive performance in older Chinese adults: Findings from the Singapore Longitudinal Ageing StudyFeng, L.; Ng, T.-P. ; Chuah, L. ; Niti, M. ; Kua, E.-H. 
2007Item response bias was present in instrumental activity of daily living scale in Asian older adultsNiti, M. ; Ng, T.-P. ; Chiam, P.-C.; Kua, E.-H. 
2010Low Blood Pressure and Depressive Symptoms among Chinese Older Subjects: A Population-based StudyNg, T.-P. ; Feng, L. ; Yap, K.-B. ; Niti, M. 
2008Metabolic syndrome and cognitive decline in chinese older adults: Results from the singapore longitudinal ageing studiesHo, R.C.M. ; Niti, M. ; Kua, E.H. ; Ng, T.-P. ; Yap, K.B.
2007Nutrition screening among community-dwelling older adults in SingaporeYap, K.B.; Niti, M. ; Ng, T.P. 
2008Orthostatic hypotension, hypotension and cognitive status: Early comorbid markers of primary dementia?Yap, P.L.K.; Niti, M. ; Yap, K.B. ; Ng, T.P. 
2006Physical and cognitive domains of the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living: Validation in a multiethnic population of Asian older adultsNg, T.-P. ; Niti, M. ; Chiam, P.-C.; Kua, E.-H. 
2008Physical, social and productive leisure activities, cognitive decline and interaction with APOE-ε4 genotype in Chinese older adultsNiti, M. ; Yap, K.-B.; Kua, E.-H. ; Tan, C.-H. ; Ng, T.-P.