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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Interest rate risk and time-varying excess returns for Asian property stocksLiow, K.H. ; Huang, Q.
2003Interest rate sensitivity and risk premium of property stocksLiow, K.H. ; Ooi, J.T.L. ; Wang, L.K.
2010International direct real estate market linkages: Evidence from time-varying correlation and cointegration testsLiow, K.H. 
2012Investment dynamics of the Greater China securitized real estate marketsLiow, K.H. ; Newell, G.
2013Is There Volatility Convergence in Asia-Pacific Securitized Real Estate Markets?Liow, K.H. ; Chen, W.
2005Long-term co-memories and short-run adjustment: Securitized real estate and stock marketsLiow, K.H. ; Yang, H.
2009Long-term memory in volatility: Some evidence from international securitized real estate marketsLiow, K.H. 
2006Macroeconomic risk influences on the property stock marketLiow, K.H. ; Ibrahim, M.F. ; Huang, Q.
2011Multiple regimes and volatility transmission in securitized real estate marketsLiow, K.H. ; Chen, Z.; Liu, J.
2006Net asset value discounts for Asian-Pacific real estate companies: Long-run relationships and short-term dynamicsLiow, K.H. ; Li, Y.
2008Nonlinear return dependence in major real Estate marketsLiow, K.H. ; Webb, J.R.
2003Property Company Stock Price and Net Asset Value: A Mean Reversion PerspectiveLiow, K.H. 
2005Regime changes in international securitized property marketsLiow, K.H. ; Zhu, H.; Ho, D.K. ; Addae-Dapaah, K. 
5-Dec-2018Regime dependent linkages between securitized real estate market and major financial markets: some international evidenceKim Hiang Liow ; Qing Ye
2007Regime switching and asset allocation: Evidence from international real estate security marketsLiow, K.H. ; Zhu, H.Z.
2004Risk-adjusted performance of real estate stocks: Evidence from developing marketsOoi, J.T.L. ; Liow, K.-H. 
2015Risk-return convergence in international public property marketsLiow Kim Hiang 
2007The dynamics of return volatilty and systematic risk in international real estate security marketsLiow, K.H. 
2000The dynamics of the Singapore commercial property marketLiow, K.H. 
2009The significance and performance of property securities markets in the Asian IFCsNewell, G.; Wing, C.K.; Kei, W.S.; Hiang, L.K.