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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2003Guest editorialSaramäki, T.; Lian, Y. 
Dec-2005Guest editorialLande, T.S.; Lian, Y. ; Toumazou, C.
2011Guest editorial - BSN2010 special issueLian, Y. ; Ling, K.-V.; Wong, W.-F. 
2011Guest editorial special issue on ISCAS 2010Ghoneima, M.M.; Lian, Y. ; Manganaro, G.; Mirabbasi, S.; Piguet, C.; Serdijn, W.A.
2014Guest editorial special section on the 2013 IEEE international symposium on circuits and systems (ISCAS 2013)Lian, Y. ; Theordoridis, S.; Yuan, G.; Pavan, S.
Feb-2010Guest editorial: Low-Power digital filter design techniques and their applicationsLian, Y. ; Yu, Y.J.
2008Guest editorial: Special section for selected papers from ISCAS 2007Lian, Y. ; Sawan, M.
2003High speed frequency response masking filter design using genetic algorithmCen, L.; Lian, Y. 
Apr-2006Hybrid genetic algorithm for the design of modified frequency-response masking filters in a discrete spaceCen, L.; Lian, Y. 
2008Implementation strategies for statistical codec designs in H.264/AVC standardTian, X.H.; Le, T.M. ; Jiang, X. ; Lian, Y. 
2013Intensity-modulated microbend fiber optic sensor for respiratory monitoring and gating during MRILau, D.; Chen, Z.; Teo, J.T.; Ng, S.H.; Rumpel, H.; Lian, Y. ; Yang, H.; Kei, P.L.
2005Interpolation factor analysis for jointly optimized frequency-response masking filtersYu, J.; Lian, Y. 
2015Investigation of the nonlinear electromagnetic energy harvesters from hand shakingLiu, Huicong ; Gudla, Sudeep ; FAEZEH ARAB HASSANI ; Heng, Chun Huat ; Lian, Yong 
Jun-2007Joint source-channel-authentication resource allocation and unequal authenticity protection for multimedia over wireless networksLi, Z.; Sun, Q.; Lian, Y. ; Chen, C.W.
2007Joint source-channel-authentication resource allocation for multimedia over wireless networksSun, Q.; Li, Z.; Lian, Y. ; Chen, C.W.
Nov-2004Level-building on AdaBoost HMM classifiers and the application to visual speech processingDong, L.; Foo, S.-W. ; Lian, Y. 
Oct-1993Linear-phase digital audio tone control using multiplication-free FIR filterLian, Yong ; Lim, Yong Ching 
Oct-1993Linear-phase digital audio tone control using multiplication-free FIR filterLian, Yong ; Lim, Yong Ching 
2014Live Demonstration: An ECG-on-Chip for Wearable Wireless ECG SensorDeepu, Chacko John ; Zhang, Xiaoyang ; Liew, Wen Sin ; Wong, Liang Tai, David ; Lian, Yong 
2006Media communication center using brain computer interfaceTeo, E.; Huang, A.; Lian, Y. ; Guan, C.; Li, Y.; Zhang, H.