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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007CABAC HW encoder with RDO context management and MBIST capabilityTian, X.H.; Le, T.M. ; Teo, H.C.; Ho, B.L.; Lian, Y. 
1-Jan-2013CMOS amplifier with integrated tunable band-pass functionLIAN, YONG ; YAO, LIBIN ; XU, XIAOYUAN ; ZOU, XIAODAN 
2003CMOS transconductor design for VHF filtering applicationsZhenying, L.; Li, M.F. ; Lian, Y. ; Rustagi, S.C.
Mar-2003Complexity reduction by decoupling the masking filters from the bandedge shaping filter in the FRM techniqueLian, Y. ; Yang, C.Z.
2006Complexity reduction for frequency-response masking filters using cyclotomic polynomial prefiltersSupramaniam, K.; Lian, Y. 
2008Complexity reduction for frequency-response masking filters using serial maskingWei, Y. ; Lian, Y. 
Mar-2003Complexity reduction for FRM-based FIR filters using the prefilter-equalizer techniqueLian, Y. 
2007Complexity reduction of FRM filters via multiplication-free prefilter-equalizer structuresLian, Y. ; Yang, C.Z.; Lim, Y.C.
2004Complexity reduction of high-speed FIR filters using micro-genetic algorithmCen, L.; Lian, Y. 
Apr-2006Computationally efficient digital filters: Design techniques and applicationsLian, Y. ; Lu, W.-S.
2007Constructing secure content-dependent watermarking scheme using homomorphic encryptionZhi, L.; Xinglei, Z.; Yong, L. ; Qibin, S.
2005Design and analysis of a high-speed comparatorJun, G.; Yong, L. ; Bo, S.
Aug-2006Design and analysis of a scalable watermarking scheme for the scalable audio coderLi, Z.; Sun, Q.; Lian, Y. 
Feb-2007Design equations for jointly optimized frequency-response masking filtersYu, J.; Lian, Y. 
2012Design of efficient class-E power amplifiers for short-distance communicationsTan, J. ; Heng, C.-H. ; Lian, Y. 
2009Design optimization for an 8-bit microcontroller in wireless biomedical sensorsLi, Y.; Lian, Y. ; Perez, V.
2004ECG noise reduction using multiplier-free fir digital filtersLian, Y. ; Ho, P.C.
2002Efficient prefilter structures for narrow-band bandpass FIR filter designYang, C.Z.; Lian, Y. 
2008Efficient QRS detection in wearable ECG devices for body sensor networkZhang, F. ; Wei, Y. ; Lian, Y. 
2007Electrocardiogram QRS detection using multiscale filtering based on mathematical morphologyZhang, F. ; Lian, Y.