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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A novel signal processing approach to ultra wideband communication systemsMunshi, M.C.; Lian, Y. 
Aug-2002A polynomial-time algorithm for designing FIR filters with power-of-two coefficientsLi, D.; Lim, Y.C. ; Lian, Y. ; Song, J.
2009A quasi-delay-insensitive dual-rail adder working in subthreshold regionXiaofei, C.; Yong, L. 
2010A quasi-delay-insensitive dual-rail low-pass filter working in subthreshold regionChang, X.; Lian, Y. 
2005A scalable watermarking scheme for the scalable audio coderLi, Z.; Sun, Q.B.; Lian, Y. ; Yu, R.S.
2005A secure image-based authentication scheme for mobile devicesLi, Z.; Sun, Q.; Lian, Y. ; Giusto, D.D.
2008A sigma-delta class D audio power amplifier in 0.35μm CMOS technologyJunle, P. ; Libin, Y. ; Yong, L. 
2012A smart cushion for real-time heart rate monitoringDeepu, C.J. ; Chen, Z.; Teo, J.T.; Ng, S.H.; Yang, X.; Lian, Y. 
2013A sub-GHz mostly digital impulse radio UWB transceiver for wireless body sensor networksWang, L.; Heng, C.H. ; Lian, Y. 
1-Jun-2005A two-channel training algorithm for hidden markov model and its application to lip readingDong, L.; Foo, S.W.; Lian, Y. 
2003A two-channel training algorithm for hidden Markov model to identify visual speech elementsFoo, S.W.; Lian, Y. ; Dong, L.
2012A wearable wireless ECG sensor with real-time QRS detection for continuous cardiac monitoringWong, D.L.T.; Lian, Y. 
2011A wireless ECG plaster for real-time cardiac health monitoring in body sensor networksZhang, D.R.; Deepu, C.J. ; Xu, X.Y. ; Lian, Y. 
2007An active inductor based low-power UWB LNANair, M.U.; Zheng, Y.; Lian, Y. 
2007An adaptive e-Learning portal for DSP learningHu, Y.; Lian, Y. 
2005An adaptive scalable watermark scheme for high-quality audio archiving and streaming applicationsLi, Z.; Sun, Q.; Lian, Y. 
2005An association-based graphical password design resistant to shoulder-surfing attackLi, Z.; Sun, Q.; Lian, Y. ; Giusto, D.D.
2010An ECG-on-chip for wearable cardiac monitoring devicesDeepu, C.J. ; Xu, X.Y. ; Zou, X.D. ; Yao, L.B. ; Lian, Y. 
2014An ECG-on-Chip With 535 nW/Channel Integrated Lossless Data Compressor for Wireless SensorsDeepu, Chacko John ; Zhang, Xiaoyang ; Liew, Wen Sin ; Wong, Liang Tai, David ; Lian, Yong 
15-Sep-2016An ECG-on-Chip with QRS Detection & Lossless Compression for Low Power Wireless SensorsDeepu, Chacko John ; Zhang, Xiaoyang; Heng, Chun Huat ; Lian, Yong