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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Relations: firm and local milieu in the context of foreign direct investment in the Polish pig industryMicek, G.; Górecki, J.; Neo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2012Representing meat in anti-meat advocacyNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2009Resource and Environmental EconomicsNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2008Seeing Red over Green: A Critique on Eco-City Planning Discourses and Practices in ChinaPow, Choon-Piew ; Neo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
Aug-2013Seeing Red Over Green: Contesting Urban Sustainabilities in ChinaPow, Choon Piew ; Neo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2002Shades of green, fields of gold: Representations, discourse and the politics of golf in SingaporeNeo, H. ; Savage, V.R. 
Mar-2004Southeast Asia: The human landscape of modernization and developmentNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2001State, Environmental NGOs and the Politics of Environment: Two case studies from SingaporeNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2001Sustaining the unsustainable? Golf in urban SingaporeNeo, H. 
Oct-2009Taking Southeast Asia to Market: Commodities, Nature, and People in the Neoliberal AgeNeo, Choon Tiong Harvey 
2011The development of nature and the nature of development: a view from SingaporeNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
Sep-2010The potential of large-scale urban waste recycling: A case study of the national recycling programme in SingaporeHarvey, N. 
2000The ‘Business’ of Golf and its Environmental ImpactsNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
Jun-2012"They hate pigs, Chinese farmers... everything!" Beastly Racialization in Multiethnic MalaysiaNeo, H. 
2010Unpacking the postpolitics of golf course provision in SingaporeNeo, H. 
2011Vegetarianism as social actionNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2005Whither development? Questioning post-crisis Southeast AsiaNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey ; Pow, Choon Piew 
2011Whither the politics of vegetarianismNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2011Worlds of Food: Place, Power, and Provenance in the Food ChainNeo, Choon Tiong Harvey