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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010MeatNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2010Monkey business: Human-animal conflicts in urban SingaporeYeo, J.-H.; Neo, H. 
2007Politics and purity: whither the Malaysian pig industry?Neo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2008Producing local meat, alleviating local poverty: Small scale pig farming in Southern Yunnan, ChinaNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2004Pruning the Banyan Tree?: Nature Conservation and State-Civil Society Relations in SingaporeNeo, Choon Tiong Harvey 
2009Relations: firm and local milieu in the context of foreign direct investment in the Polish pig industryMicek, G.; Górecki, J.; Neo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2012Representing meat in anti-meat advocacyNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2009Resource and Environmental EconomicsNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2008Seeing Red over Green: A Critique on Eco-City Planning Discourses and Practices in ChinaPow, Choon-Piew ; Neo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
Aug-2013Seeing Red Over Green: Contesting Urban Sustainabilities in ChinaPow, Choon Piew ; Neo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2002Shades of green, fields of gold: Representations, discourse and the politics of golf in SingaporeNeo, H. ; Savage, V.R. 
Mar-2004Southeast Asia: The human landscape of modernization and developmentNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2001State, Environmental NGOs and the Politics of Environment: Two case studies from SingaporeNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
2001Sustaining the unsustainable? Golf in urban SingaporeNeo, H. 
Oct-2009Taking Southeast Asia to Market: Commodities, Nature, and People in the Neoliberal AgeNeo, Choon Tiong Harvey 
2011The development of nature and the nature of development: a view from SingaporeNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
Sep-2010The potential of large-scale urban waste recycling: A case study of the national recycling programme in SingaporeHarvey, N. 
2000The ‘Business’ of Golf and its Environmental ImpactsNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
Jun-2012"They hate pigs, Chinese farmers... everything!" Beastly Racialization in Multiethnic MalaysiaNeo, H. 
2010Unpacking the postpolitics of golf course provision in SingaporeNeo, H.