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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Hydrogeochemistry and greenhouse gases of the Pearl River, its estuary and beyondChen, C.-T.A.; Lui, H.-K.; Tseng, H.-C.; Wang, B.-J.; Huang, H.-I.; Wang, S.-L.; Lu, X.-X. ; Zhang, S.-R. 
2009Hydrological responses to precipitation variation and diverse human activities in a mountainous tributary of the lower Xijiang, ChinaZhang, S. ; Lu, X.X. 
2007Long-term water and sediment change detection in a small mountainous tributary of the lower Pearl River, ChinaZhang, S. ; Lu, X.X. 
2009Major ion chemistry and dissolved inorganic carbon cycling in a human-disturbed mountainous river (the Luodingjiang River) of the Zhujiang (Pearl River), ChinaZhang, S. ; Lu, X.X. ; Higgitt, D.L. ; Sun, H.; Han, J.
2008Modeling the relations between riverine DIC and environmental factors in the lower Xijiang of the Pearl River, ChinaSun, H.G.; Han, J.; Lu, X.X. ; Zhang, S.R. 
2010Multiscale streamflow variations of the Pearl River basin and possible implications for the water resource management within the Pearl River Delta, ChinaChen, Y.D.; Zhang, Q.; Xu, C.-Y.; Lu, X. ; Zhang, S. 
2007Rapid channel incision of the lower Pearl River (China) since the 1990s as a consequence of sediment depletionLu, X.X. ; Zhang, S.R. ; Xie, S.P.; Ma, P.K.
2008Recent changes of water discharge and sediment load in the Zhujiang (Pearl River) Basin, ChinaZhang, S. ; Lu, X.X. ; Higgitt, D.L. ; Chen, C.-T.A.; Han, J.; Sun, H.
2007The impacts of '05.6' extreme flood event on riverine carbon fluxes in Xijiang RiverSun, H.; Han, J.; Zhang, S. ; Lu, X.