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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2005Effect of MDR1 haplotype on risk of Parkinson diseaseTan, E.-K.; Chan, D.K.-Y.; Ng, P.-W.; Woo, J.; Teo, Y.Y.; Tang, K.; Wong, L.-P.; Chong, S.S. ; Tan, C.; Shen, H.; Zhao, Y.; Lee, C.G.L. 
Sep-2011Evidence for gene-environment interaction in a genome wide study of nonsyndromic cleft palateBeaty, T.H.; Ruczinski, I.; Murray, J.C.; Marazita, M.L.; Munger, R.G.; Hetmanski, J.B.; Murray, T.; Redett, R.J.; Fallin, M.D.; Liang, K.Y.; Wu, T.; Patel, P.J.; Jin, S.-C.; Zhang, T.X.; Schwender, H.; Wu-Chou, Y.H.; Chen, P.K.; Chong, S.S. ; Cheah, F.; Yeow, V.; Ye, X.; Wang, H.; Huang, S.; Jabs, E.W.; Shi, B.; Wilcox, A.J.; Lie, R.T.; Jee, S.H.; Christensen, K.; Doheny, K.F.; Pugh, E.W.; Ling, H.; Scott, A.F.
2014Evidence of gene-environment interaction for two genes on chromosome 4 and environmental tobacco smoke in controlling the risk of nonsyndromic cleft palateWu T.; Schwender H.; Ruczinski I.; Murray J.C.; Marazita M.L.; Munger R.G.; Hetmanski J.B.; Parker M.M.; Wang P.; Murray T.; Taub M.; Li S.; Redett R.J.; Fallin M.D.; Liang K.Y.; Wu-Chou Y.H.; Chong S.S. ; Yeow V.; Ye X.; Wang H.; Huang S.; Jabs E.W.; Shi B.; Wilcox A.J.; Jee S.H.; Scott A.F.; Beaty T.H.
May-2012Examining markers in 8q24 to explain differences in evidence for association with cleft lip with/without cleft palate between Asians and EuropeansMurray, T.; Taub, M.A.; Ruczinski, I.; Scott, A.F.; Hetmanski, J.B.; Schwender, H.; Patel, P.; Zhang, T.X.; Munger, R.G.; Wilcox, A.J.; Ye, X.; Wang, H.; Wu, T.; Wu-Chou, Y.H.; Shi, B.; Jee, S.H.; Chong, S. ; Yeow, V.; Murray, J.C.; Marazita, M.L.; Beaty, T.H.
2005Extracellular matrix-dependent regulation of angiogenin expression in human placentaRajashekhar, G.; Loganath, A. ; Roy, A.C. ; Wong, Y.C.; Chong, S.S. 
2006FAT10 plays a role in the regulation of chromosomal stabilityRen, J.; Kan, A.; Siew, H.L.; Oi, L.K.; Lee, C.G.L. ; Ooi, L.L.P.J.; Chong, S.S. 
2009First successful preimplantation genetic diagnosis in Singapore - Avoidance of β-thalassaemia majorYap, C.; Tan, A.S.C.; Chong, S.S. ; Mui, N.L.; Wang, W.
2006FMR1 CGG repeat patterns and flanking haplotypes in three Asian populations and their relationship with repeat instabilityZhou, Y.; Chong, S.S. ; Tang, K.; Lee, C.G.L.; Law, H.-Y.; Ng, I.S.L.
2005Genomic, cDNA and embryonic expression analysis of zebrafish IRF6, the gene mutated in the human oral clefting disorders Van der Woude and popliteal pterygium syndromesBen, J. ; Chong, S.S. ; Jabs, E.W.
2005Genomic, cDNA, and embryonic expression analysis of zebrafish transforming growth factor beta 3 (tgfβ3)Cheah, F.S.H.; Chong, S.S. ; Jabs, E.W.
2008Germline transgenesis of zebrafish using the medaka Tol1 transposon systemKoga, A.; Cheah, F.S.H.; Gare, H.Y.; Chong, S.S. ; Hamaguchi, S.
2005Haplotype diversity in 11 candidate genes across four populationsBeaty, T.H.; Fallin, M.D.; Hetmanski, J.B.; McIntosh, I.; Ingersoll, R.; Scott, A.F.; Chong, S.S. ; Sheng, X.; Chakraborty, R.
2005Hemoglobin H disease classification by isoelectric focusing: Molecular verification of 110 cases from ThailandSutcharitchan, P.; Settapiboon, R.; Amornsiriwat, S.; Wang, W. ; Tan, A.S.C.; Chong, S.S. 
Jul-2005Hypoxia up-regulated angiogenin and down-regulated vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 expression and secretion in human placental trophoblastsRajashekhar, G. ; Loganath, A. ; Roy, A.C. ; Chong, S.S. ; Wong, Y.C. 
2005Interleukin-13 genetic polymorphisms in Singapore Chinese children correlate with long-term outcome of minimal-change diseaseWei, C.-L. ; Cheung, W. ; Heng, C.-K. ; Arty, N.; Chong, S.S. ; Lee, B.-W. ; Puah, K.-L.; Yap, H.-K. 
2014Joint testing of genotypic and gene-environment interaction identified novel association for BMP4 with non-syndromic CL/P in an asian population using data from an International Cleft ConsortiumChen Q.; Wang H.; Schwender H.; Zhang T.; Hetmanski J.B.; Chou Y.-H.W.; Ye X.; Yeow V.; Chong S.S. ; Zhang B.; Jabs E.W.; Parker M.M.; Scott A.F.; Beaty T.H.
2004MDR1, the blood-brain barrier transporter, is associated with Parkinson's disease in ethnic ChineseLee C.G. ; Tang K.; Cheung Y.B. ; Wong L.P.; Tan C.; Shen H.; Zhao Y.; Pavanni R. ; Lee E.J. ; Wong M.C. ; Chong S.S. ; Tan E.K. 
2007Microsatellite markers within-SEAbreakpoints for prenatal diagnosis of HbBarts hydrops fetalisHo, S.S.Y.; Sukumar, P. ; Roy, A. ; Rauff, M. ; Lin, L.S.; Biswas, A. ; Choolani, M. ; Chong, S.S. ; Wang, W.; Koay, E.S.C. ; Chiu, L.-L.; Yiong, H.C.
2009Mining potential functionally significant polymorphisms at the ATP Binding-Cassette transporter genesWang, Z.; Wang, J.; Lee, C.G.L. ; Chong, S.S. 
2003Multiple minisequencing screen for seven Southeast Asian nondeletional α-thalassemia mutationsWang, W.; Chong, S.S. ; Ma, E.S.K.; Chan, A.Y.Y.; Chui, D.H.K.