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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Knowledge community (K-Comm): Towards a digital ecosystem with collective intelligenceLek, H.H.; Poo, D.C.C. ; Agarwal, N.K. 
2011Knowledge community: Moving beyond conventional learning management systemsLek, H.H.; Poo, D.C.C. 
2006Making sense of an electronic document - Visualization strategies for concept presentationAgarwal, N.K. ; Poo, D.C.C. 
2006Meeting knowledge management challenges through effective searchAgarwal, N.K. ; Poo, D.C.C. 
May-1991Multi-domain expert systemsPoo, Chiang-Choon Danny ; Lu, Hongjun 
1994Object-oriented systems modelling method based on Jackson approachPoo, Danny C.C. ; Lee, Shwu-Yi 
2009Personal and external determinants of medical bloggers' knowledge sharing behaviorKarimi, F.; Danny, C.C.P. 
Apr-1991Representing business policies in the Jackson system development methodPoo, C.-C.D. 
1999Search interface for Z39.50 complaint online catalogs over the InternetPoo, Danny C.C. ; Toh, Teck Kang; Khoo, Christopher S.G.
2012Sentix: An aspect and domain sensitive sentiment lexiconLek, H.H.; Poo, D.C.C. 
Apr-1998Software engineering practices in SingaporePoo, D.C.C. ; Chung, M.K.
Apr-1996TarTan: Interweaving objects with rules in information systems developmentPoo, D.C.C. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
14-Mar-2017The effect of a smartphone-based coronary heart disease prevention (SBCHDP) programme on awareness and knowledge of CHD, stress, and cardiac-related lifestyle behaviours among the working population in Singapore: a pilot randomised controlled trialZHANG HUI ; NGUYEN, HOANG D; POO CHIANG CHOON, DANNY ; WANG WENRU 
2011UASIS: Universal automatic snp identification systemPoo, D.C.C. ; Cai, S.; Mah, J.T.L.
2010UASMAs (Universal Automated SNP Mapping Algorithms): A set of algorithms to instantaneously map SNPs in real time to aid functional SNP discoveryMah, J.T.L.; Poo, D.C.C. ; Cai, S.
2009Understanding continuance intention in e-learning communityOo Tha, K.K.; Poo, C.-C.D. ; Yu, X.