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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A GLRT Based Mechanism for Detecting Relay Misbehavior in Clustered IoT NetworksAbhishek, Nalam Venkata; ANSHOO TANDON ; LIM TENG JOON ; BIPLAB SIKDAR 
2000A matrix-algebraic approach to successive interference cancellation in CDMARasmussen, L.K.; Lim, T.J. ; Johansson, A.-L.
1996Adaptive delay tracking in asynchronous multiuser CDMA systemsLim, Teng Joon ; Rasmussen, Lars K. 
1998Adaptive filters in multiuser (MU) CDMA detectionLim, T.J. ; Roy, S.
1999Adaptive IIR filtering for asynchronous multiuser CDMA detectionLim, Teng Joon ; Wong, Siew Ying
1996Adaptive narrowband interference cancellation in overlaid CDMA systems using prior knowledgeLim, Teng Joon ; Rasmussen, Lars K. 
1997Adaptive symbol and parameter estimation in asynchronous multiuser CDMA detectorsLim, T.J. ; Rasmussen, L.K. 
Dec-1998An asynchronous multiuser CDMA detector based on the Kalman filterLim, T.J. ; Rasmussen, L.K. ; Sugimoto, H.
1998Aspects on linear parallel interference cancellation in CDMARasmussen, L.K. ; Guo, D. ; Lim, T.J. ; Ma, Y. 
2000Bias in CDMA channel estimates with the use of short spreading sequencesLim, Teng Joon 
Nov-2000Bit error probability for MDPSK and NCFSK over arbitrary Rician fading channelsMa, Y. ; Lim, T.J. 
2000Bit-error probabilities for 2- and 4-DPSK in general Nakagami fading channels with correlated Gaussian noiseMa, Y. ; Chai, C.C. ; Lim, T.J. 
1997Breadth-first maximum likelihood detection in multiuser CDMARasmussen, L.K. ; Lim, T.J. ; Aulin, T.M.
1997Complexity-constrained maximum-likelihood detection in multiuser CDMARasmussen, Lars K. ; Lim, Teng J. ; Aulin, Tor M.
7-Dec-2000Constrained surplus energy adaptive blind CDMA detectionLim, T.J. ; Gong, Y.; Farhang-Boroujeny, B.
Aug-2000Convergence analysis of chip- and fractionally spaced LMS adaptive multiuser CDMA detectorsLim, T.J. ; Gong, Y.; Farhang-Boroujeny, B. 
2013Digital network coding aided two-way relaying: Energy minimization and queue analysisChen, Z.; Lim, T.J. ; Motani, M. 
2012Diversity analysis of an outage minimizing energy harvesting wireless protocol in Rayleigh fadingLuo, S.; Zhang, R. ; Lim, T.J. 
2012Energy efficiency and queue stability in a two-way relay networkChen, Z.; Lim, T.J. ; Motani, M. 
2012Energy minimization in two-way relay networks with digital network codingChen, Z.; Lim, T.J. ; Motani, M.