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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Benchmarking energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in Singapore's hotel industryXuchao, W.; Priyadarsini, R.; Siew Eang, L. 
2005Benchmarking industrial building energy performanceChia, Y.L. ; Lee, S.E. 
May-2006Case study of data centers' energy performanceSun, H.S. ; Lee, S.E. 
2002Demonstration intelligent building - A methodology for the promotion of total sustainability in the built environmentKua, H.W. ; Lee, S.E. 
25-May-2017Energy utilizability concept as a retrofitting solution selection criterion for buildingsJunjing Yang ; Adrian Chong ; Mattheos Santamouris; Denia Kolokotsa; Siew Eang Lee ; Kwok Tham ; Chandra Sekhar ; David Cheong 
2005Establishment of energy management tools for facilities managers in the tropical regionHaji-Sapar, M. ; Lee, S.E. 
2012Evaluating aural comfort in tropical high-rise environmentSheikh, M.A.; Lee, S.E. 
28-Apr-2016Retrofitting solutions for two different occupancy levels of educational buildings in tropicsYang Junjing ; Pantazaras, Alexandros; Lee Siew Eang ; Santamouris, Mattheos
2002The thermal effects of plants on buildingsWong, N.H. ; Wong, V.L.; Chen, Y. ; Lee, S.E. ; Cheong, D. ; Lim, G.T. ; Ong, C.L.; Sia, A.
2009Vertical profile of traffic noise in high-rise residential environmentLee, S.E. ; Alam, S.M.; Johnny, W.L.H.
2009Vertical profile of train noise and indoor noise in high-rise residential environmentAlam, S.M.; Lee, S.E. ; Johnny, W.L.H.