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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Quadratic convergence of a long-step interior-point method for nonlinear monotone variational inequality problemsSun, J. ; Zhao, G.Y. 
2005Quadratic cost flow and the conjugate gradient methodSun, J. ; Yang, X.; Chen, X.
2006Scenario formulation of stochastic linear programs and the homogeneous self-dual interior-point methodSun, J. ; Liu, X.
2010Second-order cone reformulation and the price of anarchy of a robust nash-cournot gameHan, D.; Lo, H.K.; Sun, J. ; Yang, H.
2006Second-order sufficient conditions for error bounds in banach spacesHe, Y.; Sun, J. 
2003Semismooth homeomorphisms and strong stability of semidefinite and Lorentz complementarity problemsPang, J.-S.; Sun, D. ; Sun, J. 
2002Semismooth matrix-valued functionsSun, D. ; Sun, J. 
Apr-2003Solution methodologies for the smallest enclosing circle problemXu, S.; Freund, R.M.; Sun, J. 
2001Solving variational inequality problems via smoothing-nonsmooth reformulationsSun, J. 
2004Some properties of the augmented Lagrangian in cone constrained optimizationShapiro, A.; Sun, J. 
2010Stochastic Optimization Problems with CVaR Risk Measure and Their Sample Average ApproximationMeng, F.W.; Sun, J. ; Goh, M. 
2002Strong semismoothness of eigenvalues of symmetric matrices and its application to inverse eigenvalue problemsSun, D. ; Sun, J. 
2005Strong semismoothness of the Fischer-Burmeister SDC and SOC complementarity functionsSun, D. ; Sun, J. 
2011Subdifferential properties of the minimal time function of linear control systemsJiang, Y.; He, Y.R.; Sun, J. 
2008The rate of convergence of the augmented Lagrangian method for nonlinear semidefinite programmingSun, D. ; Sun, J. ; Zhang, L.
2008The SC1 property of the squared norm of the SOC Fischer-Burmeister functionChen, J.-S.; Sun, D. ; Sun, J. 
2008The toll effect on price of anarchy when costs are nonlinear and asymmetricHan, D.; Lo, H.K.; Sun, J. ; Yang, H.
Dec-1998Third-party warehousing contract with commitments and adjustment optionsChen, Frank Y. ; Hum, Sin Hoon ; Sun, Jie 
16-Feb-2014Two-stage stochastic linear programs with incomplete information on uncertaintyAng, J. ; Meng, F.; Sun, J.