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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002An analytic center cutting plane method for semidefinite feasibility problemsSun, J. ; Toh, K.-C. ; Zhao, G. 
2004An analytic center cutting plane method for solving semi-infinite variational inequality problemsFang, S.-C.; Wu, S.-Y.; Sun, J. 
2017Analysis of optimal boundary control for a three-dimensional reaction-diffusion systemYang W.; Sun J. ; Zhang S.
2001Analysis of third-party warehousing contracts with commitmentsChen, F.Y. ; Hum, S.H. ; Sun, J. 
1998Applying a Newton method to strictly convex separable network quadratic programsSun, J. ; Kuo, H.
2003Complementarity functions and numerical experiments on some smoothing Newton methods for second-order-cone complementarity problemsChen, X.D.; Sun, D. ; Sun, J. 
2001Computing the optimal replenishment policy for inventory systems with random discount opportunitiesFeng, Y. ; Sun, J. 
Feb-2005Efficient algorithms for the smallest enclosing ball problemZhou, G.; Tohemail, K.-C. ; Sun, J. 
2005Error bounds for degenerate cone inclusion problemsHe, Y.; Sun, J. 
Aug-2013Establishing Nash equilibrium of the manufacturer-supplier game in supply chain managementAng, J. ; Fukushima, M.; Meng, F. ; Noda, T.; Sun, J. 
1-Aug-2013Foreword: Special issue on the 8th International Conference on Optimization: Techniques and ApplicationsSun, J. ; Sun, X.; Yuan, Y.-X.
2010From CVaR to uncertainty set: Implications in joint chance-constrained optimizationChen, W.; Sim, M. ; Sun, J. ; Teo, C.-P. 
2004Generalized stationary points and an interior-point method for mathematical programs with equilibrium constraintsLiu, X. ; Sun, J. 
2005Global convergence analysis of line search interior-point methods for nonlinear programming without regularity assumptionsLiu, X.W. ; Sun, J. 
2002Global convergence of a two-parameter family of conjugate gradient methods without line searchChen, X.; Sun, J. 
2002Global convergence of nonmonotone descent methods for unconstrained optimization problemsSun, W.; Han, J.; Sun, J. 
1998Global linear and local quadratic convergence of a long-step adaptive-mode interior point method for some monotone variational inequality problemsSun, J. ; Zhao, G. 
2007High performance quadratic classifier and the application on PenDigits recognitionZhao, Z.J.; Sun, J. ; Ge, S.S. 
May-2008Löwner's operator and spectral functions in Euclidean Jordan algebrasSun, D. ; Sun, J. 
2012Minimum recession-compatible subsets of closed convex setsHe, Y.; Sun, J.