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10-Nov-2015Effects of Ethnicity on the Prevalence of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Pooled Analysis of the ISAACC Trial and Sleep and Stent Study.Koo, CY; de la Torre, AS; Loo, G; de-la Torre, MS; Zhang, JJ; Duran-Cantolla, J; Li, RG; Mayos, M; Sethi, R; Abad, J; Furlan, SF; Coloma, R; Hein, T; Ho, HH; Jim, MH; Ong, TH; Tai, BC; Turino, C; Drager, LF; Lee, C.-H. 
2014Effects of gender on the prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in patients with coronary artery diseaseZhao, L-P; Tan, A; Tai, B.C. ; Loo, G.; Tan, H.-C. ; Lee, C.-H. 
2012Endothelial progenitor cell capture stent: Safety and effectivenessSethi, R.; Lee, C.-H. 
2015Erratum : Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold versus everolimus-eluting metallic stent in st-segment elevation myocardial infarction (JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions (2015) 8 (18997))Brugaletta, S.; Gori, T.; Low, A.F. ; Tousek, P.; Pinar, E.; Gomez-Lara, J.; Scalone, G.; Schulz, E.; Chan, M.Y.; Kocka, V.; Hurtado, J.; Gomez-Hospital, J.A.; M?nzel, T.; Lee, C.-H. ; Cequier, A.; Vald?s, M.; Widimsky, P.; Serruys, P.W.; Sabat?, M.
2015Ethnicity modifies associations between cardiovascular risk factors and disease severity in parallel Dutch and Singapore coronary cohortsGijsberts C.M.; Seneviratna A.; De Carvalho L.P.; Den Ruijter H.M.; Vidanapthirana P.; Sorokin V. ; Stella P. ; Agostoni P.; Asselbergs F.W.; Richards A.M. ; Low A.F. ; Lee C.-H. ; Tan H.C. ; Hoefer I.E.; Pasterkamp G.; De Kleijn D.P.V. ; Chan M.Y. 
2013Everolimus-eluting bioresorbable vascular scaffold (BVS) implantation in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI)Kajiya, T.; Liang, M.; Sharma, R.K.; Lee, C.-H. ; Chan, M.Y.; Tay, E. ; Chan, K.-H. ; Tan, H.-C. ; Low, A.F. 
2009Factors that may influence apnea-hypopnea index in patients with acute myocardial infarction: responseLee, C.-H. 
Sep-2005Fluvastatin: Efficacy and safety in reducing cardiac eventsChan, M.Y.; Lee, C.H. 
2009Fulminant dengue myocarditis masquerading as acute myocardial infarctionLee, C.-H. ; Teo, C.; Low, A.F.
2007Heparin coated stents: evidence of thromboresistance from randomized trialsde Feyter P; Lee, C.-H. ; Serruys PW
2015High-grade culprit lesions are a common cause of ST?segment elevation myocardial infarctionLiang, M.; Kajiya, T.; Chan, M.Y.; Tay, E. ; Lee, C.-H. ; Richards, A.M. ; Low, A.F. ; Tan, H.C. 
2012Identification of Hospitalized Patients at High-risk of Obstructive Sleep ApneaLoo G; Hein T; Tai BC; Khoo, S.M. ; Chan MY; Chia BL; Richards, A.M. ; Yeo TC; Lee, C.-H. 
2013Immigrant status and disparities in health care delivery in patients with myocardial infarctionLee, C.-H. ; Choo, H. ; Tai, B.-C. ; Chan, M.Y.; Phua, Q.-H. ; Low, T.-T.; Richards, A.M. ; Tan, H.-C. ; Ow, R.; Yeo, T.-C. 
2008Impact of different Asian ethnic groups on correlation between heparin dose, activated clotting time and complications in percutaneous coronary interventionLee, Chi-Hang ; Tan, Xi Xiang Esther; Wong, Hwee Bee; Tay, Lik Wui Edgar ; Tan, Huay-Cheem 
2014Impact of obstructive sleep apnea on cardiovascular outcomes in patients treated with percutaneous coronary intervention: Rationale and design of the sleep and stent studyLoo, G.; Koo, C.-Y.; Zhang, J.; Li, R.; Sethi, R.; Ong, T.-H. ; Tai, B.-C. ; Lee, C.-H. 
2005Impact of reversibility of no reflow phenomenon on 30-day mortality following percutaneous revascularization for acute myocardial infarction - Insights from a 1,328 patient registryLee, C.H. ; Wong, H.B.; Tan, H.C. ; Zhang, J.J.; Teo, S.G.; Ong, H.Y.; Low, A. ; Sutandar, A.; Lim, Y.T. 
2014Incidence and predictors of side-branch compromise in primary percutaneous coronary intervention for acute myocardial infarctionKhoo, Valerie; Shen L ; Khoo, Vanessa; Loo, G.; Richards, A.M. ; Yeo, T.C. ; Lee, C.-H. 
2007Incidence, predictors, and outcomes of device failure of X-sizer thrombectomy: Real-world experience of 200 cases in 5 yearsLee, Chi-Hang ; Tan, Huay-Cheem ; Wong, Hwee-Bee; Zhang , Xiao-Ling; Fun, Shermaine; Gay, Mae; Qu, Lucy; Lim, Tien Wei Jimmy; Low, Fatt Hoe Adrian ; Lim, Yean-Teng 
2016Independent predictors of physical health in community-dwelling patients with coronary heart disease in SingaporeWang W. ; Jiang Y. ; Lee C.-H. 
2014Interaction between access site and antithrombotic therapy and impact on bleeding outcomes in STEMKajiya T; Khin, Lay Wai ; Tai, BC ; Lee, C.-H. ; Chan KH; Tay, E; Richards, AM; Tan, HC; Low, AF; Chan, MY.