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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Decolonizing Communication for Social Change: A Culture-Centered ApproachMohan Jyoti Dutta 
1-May-2015Decolonizing Communication for Social Change: A Culture-Centered ApproachDutta, Mohan Jyoti 
7-Jul-2019Digital EthnographyKaur-Gill, Satveer ; Dutta, Mohan 
Jan-2013Disseminating HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis information in underserved communitiesDutta, M.J. ; Anaele, A.; Jones, C.
Aug-2011Family planning (re)defined: how young Nepalese women understand and negotiate contraceptive choicesBasnyat, I. ; Dutta, M.J. 
27-Jul-2016Food Insecurity in Singapore: The Communicative (Dis)Value of the Lived Experiences of the PoorNaomi Tan ; Satveer Kaur-Gill ; Mohan J. Dutta ; Nina Venkataraman
Feb-2013Global Health Interventions and the "Common Sense" of Neoliberalism: A Dialectical Analysis of PEPFARSastry, S.; Dutta, M.J. 
2004Health attitudes, health cognitions, and health behaviors among Internet health information seekers: population-based survey.Dutta-Bergman M.J. 
30-Aug-2017Health Communication in the Time of Ebola: A Culture-Centered InterrogationShaunak Sastry; Mohan Dutta 
2-Feb-2018Health Information Seeking Among Singaporeans: Roles and Collective ContextsMohan Dutta ; Satveer Kaur ; Pauline Luk; Julian Lin ; Seow Ting Lee 
28-Feb-2018Health Meanings Among Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore: A Culture-Centered ApproachMohan Dutta ; Sarah Comer; Daniel Teo; Pauline Luk; Mary Lee; Dazzelyn Zapata; Arudhra Krishnaswamy; Satveer Kaur
Sep-2012Hunger as Health: Culture-Centered Interrogations of Alternative Rationalities of HealthDutta, M.J. 
Sep-2012Hunger as Health: Culture-Centered Interrogations of Alternative Rationalities of HealthDutta, M.J. ; Anaele, A.; Jones, C.
23-Jan-2018Insecure Peace: Understanding Citizen and Local Government Relations in a Maoist-Affected Region in IndiaSubhasish Ray ; Mohan Dutta 
23-Dec-2017mHealth, health, and mobility: A culture-centered interrogationKaur-Gill, Satveer ; Dutta, Mohan ; Tan, Naomi ; Lam, Chervin
2017Migration and health in the construction industry: Culturally centering voices of Bangladeshi workers in SingaporeDutta, M.J 
Aug-2013Multinational Going Cultural: A Postcolonial Deconstruction of Cultural IntelligenceDutta, M.J. ; Dutta, D.
3-Aug-2016Narratives of Stress in Health Meanings of African Americans in Lake County, IndianaMohan Dutta ; Shaunak Sastry; Sydney Dillard; Rati Kumar; Agaptus Anaele; William Collins; Calvin Roberson; Uttaran Dutta; Christina Jones; Tony Gillespie; Christine Spinetta
2018Precarities of Migrant Work in Singapore: Migration, (Im)mobility, and Neoliberal GovernmentalityKaur-Gill, Satveer ; Dutta, Mohan 
25-Nov-2016Repertoires of Collective Action in an `IT City?: Urban Civil Society Negotiations of Offline and Online Spaces in BangaloreAnuradha Rao ; Mohan Dutta