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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jan-2019Overcoming data scarcity in flood hazard assessment using remote sensing and artificial neural networkKIM DONG EON ; Gourbesville, Philippe; LIONG SHIE-YUI 
Aug-1995Peak-flow forecasting with genetic algorithm and SWMMLiong, Shie-Yui ; Chan, Weng Tat ; ShreeRam, Jaya
Mar-2002Practical inverse approach for forecasting nonlinear hydrological time seriesPhoon, K.K. ; Islam, M.N.; Liaw, C.Y. ; Liong, S.Y. 
2008Rainfall intensity prediction by a spatial-temporal ensembleTan, T.Z.; Lee, G.K.K.; Liong, S.-Y. ; Lim, T.K.; Chu, J.; Hung, T.
Jan-2000River stage forecasting in Bangladesh: Neural network approachLiong, S.-Y. ; Lim, W.-H. ; Paudyal, G.N.
Apr-1989Roughness values for overland flow in subcatchmentsLiong, S.Y. ; Selvalingam, S. ; Brady, D.K.
Jan-1999Singapore rainfall behavior: Chaotic?Sivakumar, B.; Liong, S.-Y. ; Liaw, C.-Y. ; Phoon, K.-K. 
Dec-2004Superior exploration-exploitation balance in shuffled complex evolutionMuttil, N. ; Liong, S.-Y. 
2012SWAT use of gridded observations for simulating runoff - A Vietnam river basin studyVu, M.T. ; Raghavan, S.V. ; Liong, S.Y. 
2016Technical note: Application of artificial neural networks in groundwater table forecasting-a case study in a Singapore swamp forestSun, Y ; Wendi, D ; Kim, D.E ; Liong, S.-Y 
1-Jan-2019Tropical Marine and Brackish EcosystemsOoi Seng Keat ; Tanzil, Jani TI ; Tay, Serene HX ; Ow, Yan Xiang ; Chua, Siew Chin ; Clews, Esther ; Bolton, Annette; Raghavan, Srivatsan ; Liong, Shie-Yui 
Jun-1987Use of RORB and SWMM models to an urban catchment in SingaporeSelvalingam, S. ; Liong, S.Y. ; Manoharan, P.C.
2006纵向岭谷区地表径流对气候变化的敏感性分析:以长江上游龙川江流域为例朱云梅; 吕喜玺 ; 周跃; Liong Shie-Yui