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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Randomness and Solovay degreesMiyabe K.; Nies A.; Stephan F. 
Dec-2006Randomness and universal machinesFigueira, S.; Stephan, F. ; Wu, G.
2005Randomness, relativization and turing degreesNies, A.; Stephan, F. ; Terwijn, S.A.
2016Reducibilities among equivalence relations induced by recursively enumerable structuresGavryushkin A.; Khoussainov B.; Stephan F. 
2019Reductions between types of numberingsHerbert I. ; Jain S. ; Lempp S.; Mustafa M.; Stephan F. 
2010Regular patterns, regular languages and context-free languagesJain, S. ; Ong, Y.S.; Stephan, F. 
Aug-2011Relativizations of randomness and genericity notionsFranklin, J.N.Y.; Stephan, F. ; Yu, L.
Jul-2011Representation of left-computable ε-random realsCalude, C.S.; Hay, N.J.; Stephan, F. 
2007Results on memory-limited U-shaped learningCarlucci, L.; Case, J.; Jain, S. ; Stephan, F. 
2011Robust learning of automatic classes of languagesJain, S. ; Martin, E.; Stephan, F. 
Jun-2010Schnorr trivial sets and truth-table reducibilityFranklin, J.N.Y.; Stephan, F. 
2020Searching for shortest and least programsCalude C.S.; Jain S. ; Merkle W.; Stephan F. 
2013Selection by recursively enumerable setsMerkle, W.; Stephan, F. ; Teutsch, J.; Wang, W.; Yang, Y. 
2017Semiautomatic StructuresJain S. ; Khoussainov B.; Stephan F. ; Teng D. ; Zou S.
2006Some recent results in U-shaped learningJain, S. ; Stephan, F. 
2010Splitting of learnable classesLi, H.; Stephan, F. 
1-May-2019The complexity of verbal languages over groupsJain S. ; Miasnikov A.; Stephan F. 
2005The dot-depth and the polynomial hierarchies correspond on the delta levelsBorchert, B.; Lange, K.-J.; Stephan, F. ; Tesson, P.; Thérien, D.
2004The dot-depth and the polynomial hierarchy correspond on the delta levelsBorchert, B.; Lange, K.-J.; Stephan, F. ; Tesson, P.; Thérien, D.
2019The isomorphism problem for tree-automatic ordinals with additionJain S. ; Khoussainov B.; Schlicht P.; Stephan F.