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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2007Can YouTube save the planet?Clements, R. ; Bickford, D. ; Lohman, D.J. 
Nov-2011Climate change responses: Forgetting frogs, ferns and flies?Bickford, D.P. ; Sheridan, J.A.; Howard, S.D.
22-Mar-2012Conservation: Work together to crack wildlife tradePhelps, J.; Bickford, D.P. ; Webb, E.L. 
Mar-2007Cryptic species as a window on diversity and conservationBickford, D. ; Lohman, D.J. ; Sodhi, N.S. ; Ng, P.K.L. ; Meier, R. ; Winker, K.; Ingram, K.K.; Das, I.
28-Aug-2018Data from: Pythons, parasites and pests: anthropogenic impacts on Sarcocystis (Sarcocystidae) transmission in a multi-host systemDevan-Song, Anne; Luz, Sonja; Mathew, Abraham; Low, Mary-Ruth ; Bickford, David Patrick 
Aug-2009Eating frogs to extinctionWarkentin, I.G.; Bickford, D. ; Sodhi, N.S. ; Bradshaw, C.J.A.
20-Apr-2007Environment. The burning issue.Lohman, D.J. ; Bickford, D. ; Sodhi, N.S. 
2007Expression pattern of three-finger toxin and phospholipase A2 genes in the venom glands of two sea snakes, Lapemis curtus and Acalyptophis peronii: Comparison of evolution of these toxins in land snakes, sea kraits and sea snakesPahari, S. ; Bickford, D. ; Fry, B.G. ; Kini, R.M. 
Jan-2010Forest fragment and breeding habitat characteristics explain frog diversity and abundance in SingaporeBickford, D. ; Ng, T.H.; Qie, L.; Kudavidanage, E.P.; Bradshaw, C.J.A.
2010Impacts of climate change on the amphibians and reptiles of Southeast AsiaBickford, D. ; Howard, S.D.; Ng, D.J.J.; Sheridan, J.A.
20-Feb-2008Measuring the meltdown: Drivers of global amphibian extinction and declineSodhi, N.S. ; Bickford, D. ; Diesmos, A.C.; Lee, T.M.; Koh, L.P.; Brook, B.W.; Sekercioglu, C.H.; Bradshaw, C.J.A.
2013Near-complete extinction of native small mammal fauna 25 years after forest fragmentationGibson, L.; Lynam, A.J.; Bradshaw, C.J.A.; He, F.; Bickford, D.P. ; Woodruff, D.S.; Bumrungsri, S.; Laurance, W.F.
19-Jan-2011Phylogenetic relationships within the genus Staurois (Anura, Ranidae) based on 16S rRNA sequencesArifin, U.; Iskandar, D.T.; Bickford, D.P. ; Brown, R.M.; Meier, R. ; Kutty, S.N. 
Nov-2010Phylogeography and historical demography of Polypedates leucomystax in the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines: Evidence for recent human-mediated range expansion?Brown, R.M.; Linkem, C.W.; Siler, C.D.; Sukumaran, J.; Esselstyn, J.A.; Diesmos, A.C.; Iskandar, D.T.; Bickford, D. ; Evans, B.J.; McGuire, J.A.; Grismer, L.; Supriatna, J.; Andayani, N.
2015Quantifying the role of online news in linking conservation research to Facebook and TwitterPapworth, Sarah Kate ; Nghiem Thi Phuong Le ; Chimalakonda D.; Posa, Mary Rose Cervantes ; Wijedasa L.S.; Bickford, David Patrick ; Carrasco, Luis Roman
Jul-2012Science communication for biodiversity conservationBickford, D. ; Posa, M.R.C. ; Qie, L.; Campos-Arceiz, A.; Kudavidanage, E.P.
Nov-2011Shrinking body size as an ecological response to climate changeSheridan, J.A.; Bickford, D. 
Aug-2013The adaptive significance of egg attendance in a south-east asian tree frogPoo, S.; Bickford, D.P. 
20-Apr-2007The burning issueLohman, D.J. ; Bickford, D. ; Sodhi, N.S. 
Jul-2010The frog filter: Amphibian introduction bias driven by taxonomy, body size and biogeographyTingley, R.; Romagosa, C.M.; Kraus, F.; Bickford, D. ; Phillips, B.L.; Shine, R.